SPI in Poland for sale

SPI in Poland for sale

Below you can see the basic information regarding the SPI company in Poland for sale

Small payment institution in Poland – whats included:

  • company was registered in 2018, Poland;
  • SEMI license obtained;
  • share capital in 150 000 EUR is fully formed;
  • all package and documents for upgrading to EMI will be provided;
  • opened accounts in PKO bank and Millennium bank;
  • connected with two providers. IBAN generation via payment provider;
  • active SWIFT code (documents submitted, the new owner will activate it);
  • online bank with White Label functionality;
  • Integration via RestAPI with other systems;
  • Connection with Crypto wallets;
  • Loyalty system;
  • Android and iOS mobile application;
  • 30 active clients.

You can buy SPI company and start your business as soon as possible.

Asking price: on a request

For details: dmitriy.l@eternitylaw.com

Telegram: @dmitriyELI

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