Japanese Forex (Type I License) Company for sale

Japanese Forex (Type I License) Company for sale


Desired selling price 400 million yen

Type I License holder permissions:

  • buying and selling, etc. of securities with high liquidity such as stocks and corporate bonds, etc. (dealing business, broker business, selling business, private placement dealing business, clearing business, market derivatives transactions, intermediary, brokerage, and agency service, etc. of securities, etc.),
  • over-the-counter derivatives business,
  • securities underwriting business,
  • proprietary trading system (PTS) businesses,
  • securities, etc. management business, etc.

Business description:

  • Main line of business – forex.
  • Net assets about 60 million yen (cash)
  • Shikoku Finance Bureau jurisdiction.
  • 5 officers and 3 staff can continue to work (1 sales representative working in Shikoku).
  • No administrative sanctions or proceedings.
  • Since it is the Shikoku Finance Bureau, it takes a short period of a time (about half a year) to obtain licenses for securities companies and two types of financial instruments.

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