Eternity Law International News What is cryptoprocessing and what is it for?

What is cryptoprocessing and what is it for?

December 7, 2020

Recent years have been marked by the global introduction of crypto and blockchain technologies into our daily life. Now almost everyone is familiar with such concepts as “crypto-exchange”, “token” and “cryptocurrency”. Due to the rapid development of these technologies, their application is now possible in areas in which they would not have thought of using them before.

At one time, the state and the “old school” business representatives developed a distrustful attitude towards cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. However, now this mistrust has been replaced by the perception of crypto as an opportunity to open new horizons for your business and significantly expand its limits, regardless of whether the subject of entrepreneurial activity is E-commerce, the gambling industry, or something else.

As new means of payment – cryptocurrencies – began to flood the virtual space more and more rapidly, it became necessary to properly ensure the receipt and sending of payment transactions.

Everyone is familiar with fiat systems; they are actively used in our life. However, what about the acceptance of bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies? Let’s talk about it.

Fiat transactions require the use of a bank-processing gateway. Each country has its own fiat-processing scheme. The same is the case with cryptocurrencies. In order to be able to receive and send crypto coins, it is necessary to integrate a special service, namely, a crypto gateway.

The system for processing crypto-transactions is a universal software tool that provides safe and fast operations for depositing and withdrawing funds, as well as servicing deposits.

Key points to consider if you want to accept payments in cryptocurrencies

  1. Study as closely as possible the market promoting the corresponding solutions, and make a list of providers.
  2. Explore the capabilities of the crypto-processing process (security level, process speed, availability, etc.). The number of options sometimes negatively affects the quality of the solution.
  3. Find out how many companies are already using such a payment gateway and for what period.
  4. Read the reviews carefully.
  5. Study the commercial terms of a particular company and compare them with those of competitors.

Having received all of the above information, you can choose the most suitable processor for yourself.


Cryptocurrencies and blockchain are an integral part of our reality. A year or two will pass, and payment for services and goods using cryptocurrencies will become commonplace. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the integration of a crypto-gateway today. Trust qualified professionals and keep up with the times. Our specialists provide cryptoprocessing on best conditions.

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