Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investments

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investments

Persons can possess citizen-rights for forcing economy – it was developed and implemented by governmental apparatus. Persons intending to get alternative citizenship-rights by buying real-estate or making endowments to evolution of these lands obtain Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investments.

  1. Such variant is attractive: it provides visa-free-access to 151 countries.
  2. A person adds relatives.
  3. Commonwealth-Membership – splendid privilege – persons possess expended rights in Britain, etc.
  4. The islands have perfect air-links with USA and EU, which can be important. It’s quite appealing variant for residence-location or owning real-estate.

Get Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

Persons’ve legal-age following determined norms, bearing in mind the types of attachments. Our experts will be happy to help you solve all questions, carefully studying all the documents. Manager will step by step outline a plan for further actions and help collect papers, as well as fill out the necessary forms, and experts check all documentation for full compliance with standards.

  1. Buy real-estates worth USD 200,000+ from confirmed real-estate projects. Two candidates may purchase a property jointly contributing USD 200,000. It needs not to be alienated within five-years-period.
  2. Offshore-citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda requires buying of commercials meeting all criteria for min USD 1.5 mln as individuals; or mutual buying of commercials of 5+ mln USD, in which each contributes min USD 400,000.

When all the documentation is collected and verified, the agency staff send forms. It’s sent to the regulatory authorities and is clearly checked by the authorities. When it has been verified and reviewed, a written notice is sent.

You need to follow determined conditions. Passing all these stages, persons can claim local identity certificates. Persons get it not residing locally.

Duration of getting citizenships-rights in Antigua and Barbuda

Regulative body considers Antigua investments citizenship processes. It carefully reviews all; if needed, invites persons for interview. Basics of this scheme are very competent, and mechanisms are simple. After applications are confirmed, you can pick up finished documentation. If everything is filled out correctly and there aren’t problems or questions, then whole process from application-sending to getting is four-months-period.

Basic point is residing locally in five-days-years after receiving permission. Purchasing properties, timing may differ. Therefore, it’s essential to pick real-estate-project whose developer gives all documents.

Not to waste a lot of time and money on collecting paperwork and filling necessary forms correctly, turn to experts of our firm. We help buy Antigua and Barbuda citizenship-rights by investment program, offering ready-made firms for sale in different states.

How much is to contribute in Antigua for citizenship-rights?

Partaking in this scheme needs endowment of 100,000 USD. We will help you to implement this opportunity in an official manner.

How long is to obtain Antigua-citizenship?

Getting citizens-rights lasts up to 3-4 months. Our experts accompany persons at every stage of the implementation of this plan.

How do I become a citizen of Barbuda?

You participate in citizenship-rights by monetary endowments. It needs certain endowment to evolve the economic sector of the state.

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