Registration of the company in Dubai

Today, many businessmen prefer to register their new company in Dubai. In this article we want to describe what the process of opening a new business in Dubai is.

Dubai gives the broadest prospects for business activities and its organization, both within the United Arab Emirates and at the global level. The local government here is very friendly to foreign investors and regularly offers new initiative proposals for them.

This moment is very attractive for entrepreneurs to start their business activities in the UAE. In terms of investment, start-ups here receive privileged conditions, compared to other states. Here they have significant tax advantages.

Starting a business in Dubai is very easy. This process is logical and easy, if you take the help of experts.

It’s difficult for businessmen to figure out how the whole process of creating a new business in Dubai is going on.

Let’s look specifically at what needs to be done to start a new business in Dubai.

Before registering a firm in Dubai it is important to determine the type of activity

The first step that needs to be done is to pre-select the type of activity that will be profile for your future company.

When registering a company in Dubai, remember about some restrictions, because not every kind of activity is officially possible in the United Arab Emirates.

Before you start your business, first get a permissive document related to the chosen type of activity.

That is why the first thing to do is to determine whether the expected activity of the firm will meet the requirements of the jurisdiction. It is also worth determining under what conditions it will be allowed.

Want to find a suitable place of registration of the firm in Dubai

In the UAE, there are 7 Emirates in which it is possible to register a business. This will help you find a jurisdiction with the best fit. Consequently, get maximum entrepreneurial productivity.

You can register in Dubai a company that would be able to fully function throughout the territory of the United Arab Emirates, except for free zones. Such a company will be considered a regional firm.

Alternatively, in Dubai, you can set up a company in one of the free zones, such a company can operate exclusively in the free zone or else abroad.

Free zones in the United Arab Emirates will be discussed in a special article on our website.

Also, you can register as an offshore company in Dubai. But this kind of organization will be able to operate exclusively abroad. Selection of the desired type of company will be directly related to the nature and type of business that the businessman wants to conduct.

Selection of organizational and legal form during a registration of a legal person in Dubai

The selection of the legal and organizational form of the firm in Dubai will depend on the proposed ownership structure, the company’s activities, and the direction of the business. In Dubai, you can select multiple registration forms from the list.

These include limited liability companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, closed joint-stock companies, branches, representative offices, public joint-stock companies, joint ventures, and individual entrepreneurs.

There are also other types of companies that you can learn about when starting a new business. To get the consultation.

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