Financial brokerage firms in Lithuania

Financial brokerage firms in Lithuania

Investment enterprises are legal entities on an ongoing basis being engaged in the provision of any specific or complex investment services to third parties and/or carry out investment transactions. Financial brokerage firms in Lithuania rely on an excellently developed infrastructure of a modern type in their activities, and also enjoy the privilege of minimal operating costs, loyalty from regulatory authorities, and more. All this makes this jurisdiction interesting for entrepreneurs from other countries who intend to open their own business.

To conduct such deals, as well as throughout Europe, you need to get a license for financial activities in Lithuania, which is issued by the relevant authorities. This area of ​​employment is subject to regulation by the EU directive on markets for financial instruments (The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID)).

Obtaining the financial license in Lithuania: types of business 

  • Investment advice.
  • Client financial management.
  • Broker services.
  • Organization of the market (market making).
  • Underwriting.

Businesses for sale in Lithuania

Why choose a financial License in Lithuania?

  1. Applications for financial Institution licensing in Lithuania are considered fairly quickly – no longer than 90 days.
  2. There is no obligation to be residents of the country to directors, managers and shareholders. Only 1 representative-resident can work in organization.
  3. All required documents can be submitted without translation, in English.
  4. National Bank is very loyal to investment activities in Lithuania.
  5. Owners may apply for a start-up visa, which is issued for new projects.
  6. There is access to the entire European market.

What do you need to open financial brokerage firms operating in Lithuania?

To start financial brokerage firms, it is important to have at least one employee who is a resident. It’s important the firm has minimal authorized capital. Its value depends on the type of services you are going to provide:

  • consulting activities – 50 thousand euros;
  • broker – 50 thousand euros;
  • other services without holding financial assets – 50 thousand euros;
  • cash management – 125 thousand euros;
  • market making, placement of securities – 730 thousand euros.

If you want to get financial licenses in Lithuania as soon as possible, but do not know how to properly collect documents, or you simply do not have enough time to solve all the nuances, you can use services of experts. Our team has highly qualified employees who have been providing professional assistance in licensing brokerage companies for many years. We will help you in registering an enterprise, selecting and hiring employees, preparing documents for licensing, and provide full support from considering an application to obtaining a permit. We also have a list of established companies for sale in multiple jurisdictions. Contact us right now.

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