Eternity Law International News Forex Broker License 2023

Forex Broker License 2023

October 6, 2020

Having Forex Broker License is main advantage in cooperation with entrepreneurs. Permission can be obtained in different states, but selection of jurisdiction is based on plenty of factors – the company’s budget, commercial scale, etc. Offshore forex license is extremely commonly-chosen due to its loyal basis and suitability even for beginners. Obtaining an FX permission is easy decision to get profits in financial niche quickly and easily.

At the moment, more than a trillion US dollars is in the daily turnover of traders of foreign currencies. On the foreign exchange market, currencies jump every day, currencies are exchanged for others. Fluctuations in the value of one currency can be a profitable business for a lucky or calculating trader.

Eternity Law International offers the following jurisdictions for getting a forex broker license:


The most profitable way in this industry is the availability of offshore FX permission. Although money is earned on the very platform of Forex – the one who earns on an ongoing basis is a forex broker. At the time when traders are trying to make money at a currency jump, forex brokers only have to wait for traders to earn money to get their commission.

With offshore FX license, you or your company can collect commissions and fees on the market that trade for amounts up to $ 4 trillion a day.

Advantages of getting Forex broker license

  • Simple rules for identification.
  • Fast approval.
  • Available licensing fees.
  • Low cost of permission renewal.
  • Opportunity to work worldwide.
  • There’s no need to keep accounting records.
  • Low cost of ownership and operation.

The main idea is that you can carry out activities legally. We can help you to get your license. Moreover, we recommend that you work legally and responsibly. Carry out thorough consultations with lawyers about the activities you are planning.

By protecting your FX project through offshore companies, you may be sure that everything is legal and correct. Due to the fact that we have our employees in offshore states, we can help to issue your permission with least funds and expenses, and also with the least difficulties.

With the presence of a license, you can absolutely legally cooperate with forex traders. You can conduct business all over the world via the Internet. Also, you can open representative offices around the world.

Having opened the second company serving a forex broker, you can supplement your list of services offered, open accounts in respectable European banks, open merchant accounts at acceptable rates, minimize expenses and taxation. Also, we can provide virtual office for an offshore company in European jurisdiction, which allows you standing out before other offshore brokers.

Getting Forex business license usually takes about 2-4 weeks, depending on the processing time of state documents submitted, the speed of the provision of all notarized documents, as well as due diligence procedures.


  • Firm registration in chosen jurisdiction
  • Firm name verification
  • Legitimate verification
  • Reporting
  • Preparation and execution of documentation for obtaining permission
  • Drawing and submission of applications for registration, registration with notary certification and notices of state bodies
  • Notarial attestations
  • Payment of fees
  • Corporate stitching and firm record book
  • Documents of the meeting of the board of directors 
  • Resolution on account opening 
  • Resolutions for office rent
  • Employment Agreement
  • Non-disclosure agreement for employees
  • Agreement on Competition
  • Power of attorney
  • Registration of directors
  • Shareholders register


Further you can know the research on the given subjects which will give you the information on the further choice of the suitable license. What is the best jurisdiction for getting FX license? Where to register it?

We’ll provide you with a list of five categories of forex licenses in jurisdictions, from the most expensive and respectable, to the most affordable and fastest to receive. The criteria for the cost of a license, the complexity of obtaining a license and jurisdiction are determined.

Also, consideration was given to the need for presence, availability of staff, reporting requirements, and the reputation of the jurisdiction.

Before making a choice, you need to ask questions that a wise forex broker should ask before establishing a company.


In which country will financial transactions be carried out?

Most clients work with online brokers. Thus, you can live in the EU, USA, Canada, Australia, and run operations, for example, in Vanuatu. The implementation of operations without permission in some countries can lead to fines, and even to the closure of business.

  • How fast do you want to start your forex business?
  • How important is it to maintain privacy and client support procedures in jurisdiction?
  • In which banking establishment do you want to open accounts for activities?
  • How much cash do you have available?
  • How are you going to process the transactions? (STP, ECN, Hybrid, Market Maker)

Having answered the answers to the questions posed above, we will be able to help you to make a choice of the jurisdiction.

Preparation stage

Firstly, one needs to choose geography of his/her work. Office and place of work don’t have to be located at same address, but establishment basis often grounds on location. In order to decide on state to select for future deals, brokers need to take into account some significant points:

  • company’s initial budget and nature of services firm intends to offer;
  • do you need a license to trade Forex? Some states set such operations in main permission and don’t suggest separate permit;
  • reglament of banking establishment where organization wants to open an account;
  • region of work and coverage of target audience.

Forex trader license requirements

Before considering Forex trading license, complete all of following items.

  1. Company establishment as functioning commercials.
  2. Payment of all fees and charges.
  3. Having a business plan.
  4. Having corporative account.
  5. Active merchant-account.

Based on state for passing Forex licensing, process varies; pricing policy may differ. Mostly, the option to select Forex license for sale is more lucrative variant.

Forex licenses classes  

Forex brokerage license is provided in next-mentioned categories:

  • main market (A);
  • universal (B);
  • commonly-chosen (C);
  • offshore Forex broker license (D).

Let us consider states in more detail.

A category for licensed Forex trader

Main market covers America and Switzerland. US permit is considered very authoritative and leads to the greatest world currency space. To get permission in these jurisdictions, you need to prove you possess $ 20 million of freely available funds, not counting customer funds. 

US brokers are required to file a ton of reports and are subject to unexpected regulatory scrutiny at any given moment. Minimal contraventions of rules entail huge fines, up to suspension of operations. In Switzerland, FX brokers are subject to total monitoring. Local license holders are very reliable, because they always need to meet all norms and have large warranty duties.

B category

Universal states are Australia and the UK. Here rules for licensing are slightly lower. The UK FCA permission is very prestigious and appreciated globally. Background and expertise of the staff and director need to be proven and they must live in the UK. For licensing in Australia, businesspersons establish firm, but also prove they possess enough qualifications and finances to run this business. There are also many other items forcing it difficult to get an official permit in states as well.

Getting permission can cost about $ 35,000 – $ 50,000. A physical presence is required. You need $ 100,000 of capital from customers’ deposits. If forex deals are made “in-house”, and not offered to third parties, at least $ 1 million in cash is required. If a third party is used for transactions, only $ 100,000 of capital is needed.

C category

Cyprus, Malta and New Zealand: in these states, it is also mandatory to have a physical office for licensing, but there are no reporting rules as in previous categories. The main feature of firms licensed in popular space is cooperation for European customers. You may also buy Forex license in above-mentioned states.

The speed of establishment is a big privilege. Firm incorporation takes only a few days; getting permission takes from one month for Vanuatu or Cape Verde, and from 3 to 4 months in Belize and BVI on average, after providing all the necessary documentation.

The huge advantage is that once you have a license in BVI or Belize, it’s much easier to create an account. A few banks that can open a corporate account for FX organizations without permission.

The cost is about $ 35,000 – 50,000 and takes about six months after the documentation is provided to the appropriate authority.

When registering in these countries and working with clients from the EU, opening a bank account with European banks is much easier than in some of the jurisdictions below.

D category – offshore Forex brokerage license

These jurisdictions set loyal FX basis, advantageous tax rates and minimal package of documentation. Also, Forex offshore license has no need to perform preliminary audits. Certificate is issued considering documentation provided. It’s more complicated to create accounts and connect payment systems. Pressure from regulative authorities with more stringent rules can force the country to introduce supplementary restrictions or new norms. Main offshore firms are located on islands. Forex license offshore price here is also several times lower than in the previous categories.

Without the help of qualified specialists, it is quite difficult to get such permit. It’s better to invite experienced consultants, lawyers and financiers for cooperation in advance, who know all nuances and help you in whole procedure. Our team offers a full range of services in receiving offshore Forex trading license. 


Good news is that there are a few more banks that open accounts for forex companies without permission, especially if the company carries out other operations than just FX trading.

It is not recommended to declare Forex activity or have the word “Forex” in the name of the company, if you do not plan to receive a license. While still using full disclosure, emphasizing other business goals for your company, such as “international diversification,” etc.

With our experience, we were able to help our customers to open bank accounts for their offshore brokerage business successfully.

In this category we put Latvia, and also to a lesser extent Estonia and Lithuania. The process takes from two to three months. Creating banking account is quite simple, and may not require your visit to the region.

Since Latvia is part of the European Union, jurisdiction has a greater degree of confidence than many other jurisdictions. Latvian registrations are common among new brokers, because it is easier to attract customers from Europe and the CIS.

After we register offshore company for you, we will help you with creating banking account, as well as connecting payment systems for accepting payments from cards.

The vast majority of Forex companies start their business without a license, registering companies in Saint Vincent, Nevis, the Seychelles, Dominica, the Caribbean.

Jurisdictions do not have regulative basis of FX activities, which can be proved by the obtained legal conclusion (on request). Registration of companies in such jurisdictions will cost you 5-10 times cheaper than in the jurisdictions of the first three levels.

Jurisdictions of level 1-3 require the presence of a local office and payment of local taxes.

In jurisdictions 1-4 levels, the period for obtaining a license is approximately 6 months.

As FX companies are growing now, they work not having a license, then they receive a 4-5 level license to get more trust, and therefore, customer funds. In conclusion, we want to inform you that we really help our clients to implement a full range of services for its work with a FX broker:

  • Register enterprise
  • Create bank and merchant accounts
  • Obtain licenses
  • Develop policies and commercial plans of companies
  • Develop client sites
  • We integrate sites with payment systems and banks
  • We render services of bookkeeping, audit
  • We offer a virtual office worldwide

We possess an extensive list of ready-made firms with Forex broker license for sale as optimal turnkey solutions. Contact us right now and we will direct all our efforts to obtain an effective result for you in the shortest possible time.


How to get FX broker license?

ou need to decide on state of incorporation and bring your firm to follow local norms for this type of commercial structure. Contact our specialists, and we will help you in choosing the most optimal place in terms of basis.

How much does Forex broker license cost?

Expenses are based on certain points considered individually in each case. Our company will help you accurately calculate all the necessary costs for you, while creating a plan for maximum optimization.

How to get Forex trader’s license?

To obtain such permission, you need to select state where FX-trading is allowed. Next is stage of firm’s establishment and submitting application to regulatory body, which issues official permits to conduct activities in this area

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