Seychelles Securities Dealer License (FSA) for sale 

Seychelles Securities Dealer License (FSA) for sale 

Type of license offered for sale: Seychelles Securities Dealer License (FSA) (this is a kind of license which allows a firm to trade in securities either as a Principal (on its own account) or as an agent (on behalf of its clients. This license is particularly beneficial for Companies from all over the world, who have businesses in securities. This license is an important instrument for your organization to attract people for your client base. The license will give your firm more credibility in the eyes of your wholesale broker and your clients).

After the company is issued this type of license, the company will be able to carry out the following types of professional activity:

  • Funds transactions
  • Processing of payment transactions
  • Operations on trading foreign currencies
  • Trading operations with commodity instruments and financial market instruments (options, futures, etc.)
  • Provides brokerage and consulting services in a particular industry, which are listed above

Key provisions of the transaction

  • Jurisdiction: Seychelles
  • Capital: 50 thousand US dollars
  • An account in a banking institution is drawn up in Walter UAB Lithuania (90%)
  • Have an account with a local banking institution
  • The staff contains two resident employees: a director and a compliance officer
  • Convenient office in the local area
  • Auditor appointed
  • There are no open legal cases. The story is completely clean.
  • The company is out of operation and is currently inactive.
  • Service costs $ 13,500 + monthly.

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