Virgin D6_FOB Houston for sale 

Virgin D6_FOB Houston for sale 

Product offered for sale: D6 VIRGIN FUEL OIL

Country of origin: Russia/United States of America

Product specification: standard proposed for export.

Up to 200 million gallons are planned to be transported per week.

Place: F.O.B. terminal for receiving and shipping oil of the port of Houston

Delivery is carried out in tanks provided by the buyer.

Terms of Business for Port of Houston

  1. First, the buyer must agree to the SCO procedure for the seller, and then issue an ICPO written out in the name of the seller.
  2. The seller must then provide the buyer with a properly issued commercial invoice and letter of guarantee. These documents must be signed by the buyer and returned back to the seller.
  3. The seller will provide the buyer with the following PPOPs: a receipt from the storage location, a report on the injection, a report from the analytical department regarding the quantity and quality of products, a document certifying the right to collect and sell, a warning letter, a certificate containing information about the origin of the product.
  4. Next, the seller will issue a DTA to the buyer. The buyer must sign it and send it back so that the text can be made just before the dive.
  5. After the DTA is received, the buyer should extend the seller’s tank and receive confirmation of this, after which the Fresh SGS will be held by the seller. The results are sent to the buyer for their own review.
  6. Buyer gives confirmation to SGS and pays for the products by money transfer via MT103/TT banking services. The seller, in turn, must change the title to the property.
  7. The seller pays commission fees related to the own part and the buyer – to his/her one.

The product is identified as VIRGIN D6 FUEL OIL according to the standard specification.

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