SaaS and CPaaS Communication Platform in UK for sale

Saas and CPaaS platform established over 10 years ago in Dublin. This platform manages and makes communication between Blue Chip Client possible and accessible. The company needs investment in order to expand its operations and make the necessary acquisitions. The firm needs additional millions in additional investment. In addition, this capital will be increased by contributions from the Irish Investment Fund.

Company services

The firm produces the best products in its market segment. The company’s developments transmit signals and messages at a given time through multiple channels, which helps to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Interactive voice
  • Interactive messaging
  • Multimedia communication
  • API technologies, the use of smart payment and fraud prevention systems, the use of beacon technology
  • Submission of reports, analytics
  • Tracking and increasing KPIs, as well as customer satisfaction
  • USP

This business structure is deeply personalized. The platform allows you to create active intelligent conversations and better communication systems. The product provides a smarter buying cycle (consistent repeat sales). The company also has a strong and prestigious customer base that includes industry leaders. The company’s partners operate globally. The company’s revenues are growing every year.

The reason for investments

The company needs additional financing for development, expansion and growth. Business expansion is possible at the expense of existing customers, as well as by attracting new customers.

Investor opportunities

  • Expansion of the company’s market to Europe
  • Sales internationally through reseller partners
  • The acquisitions to be made through investments have already been identified

Staff: the company has a strong and experienced board of directors and talented employees.

Gross Revenue: more than $6 million

State: United Kingdom

City: Dublin

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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