Project Oil Refinery in Russia for sale

Dear Potential Buyer,

Russia offers a large-scale business project “Oil Refinery” which is a good opportunity to invest your money and get great profit. 

The project “Oil Refinery” consists of the following components:

  1. Acquisition of an existing designed and commissioned processing plant.
  2. Expansion of the plant’s capacity from 130 thousand tons/year to 630 thousand tons (this is the first stage of the project), and then to 1630 thousand tons/year (this is the second stage of the project) with an increase in the working output of the plant from 55 % to 92% or 95%.
  3. Increase in the level of wholesale sales of oil and oil products (it is planned to sell at least 100 thousand tons of oil and 100 thousand tons of diesel fuel per month).

The principle of participation in the project: share (the size of the share is decided in the process of personal negotiations).

The amount of capital investment required is several hundred millions of dollars. 

Lenders are required so they can be presented as an individual, a public or private group, or a financial institution that makes funds available to a person or business with the expectation that the funds will be repaid. Also we need investors who put money into financial schemes, property, etc. with the expectation of achieving a profit which will not keep you waiting for getting it. 

If you are interested in this offer, we can send you more detailed information regarding the project which is really in great demand.

Asking price: on request. 

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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