Offer connected with natural gas for sale

Offer connected with natural gas for sale

Offer connected with natural gas for sale

Location: this offer connected with natural gas is located in Anderson County (the area is a growing industrial, commercial and tourist center; the top major industries in Anderson include manufacturers of automotive products, metal products, industrial machinery, plastics, publishing and textiles), Texas, the USA. 

Paying areas: Upper Rhodesa (Hill), Lower Rhodesa (Glod), and Pettit.

Drill hole depth: approximate.

Land area: 80 acres.

Net profit percentage: 75%.

Proposed professional activities: stimulate the Lower Rhodesa reservoir using perforation and acid substances, sampling and testing of the process, resumption of production.

Investment objectives: to distribute commercial volumes of oil and gas with monthly cash flow split between participants. The first cash flow is expected to start in 60 days.

It is estimated that 95% of the capital invested will be deducted in the first year. Each participant is entitled to deduct their share of the intangible development and drilling costs.

Estimated production volume: 45 barrels and 500 ufg.

Estimated Monthly Earnings Per Unit: more that $ 4,000.

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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