Licensed and regulated trust and fiduciary company

If you like to get your own licensed and regulated trust and fiduciary company this offer is for you! This one acts as a fiduciary, agent, or trustee on behalf of a person or business for a trust. This licensed and regulated trust and fiduciary company is really in great demand. 

It is a ready-made fully functional company with all the licenses. It is set up and licensed.

The offer included are the following:

  • The main regulated management company with all licenses is located in Mauritius (Corporate Trustee and Management Company);
  • A Mauritius company licensed and regulated to provide nominee services which are an intermediary ownership and management tool, meaning the appointment to official positions in the company (director, president, secretary), or as a shareholder, nominee persons, both physical and legal;
  • A Seychelles IBC providing support services for IBC clients who involved in different spheres of international business;
  • A Seychelles company providing nominee services;
  • The server where you can get different client’s information;
  • The client base (approximately 100 clients, some of them have high profile which represents the company’s consistency)
  • The staff (FSC approved directors, Compliance Officer, MLRO and support staff which works for an organisation to keep it running and to support the people who are involved in the organization’s main business);
  • Assets (equipment) of the company. 

The company is clean and is in good standing vis-à-vis the regulators. It doesn’t have any debts so your ownership will be in a pleasure for you. 

Asking price: on a request.

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