Eternity Law International Fast Growing Medical Group For Sale

Fast Growing Medical Group For Sale

September 1, 2020

The Medical Group is well established and profitable, operating from 1996 to 2009 as a legal entity in Cyprus. In recent years, the Group has been developing and growing at a very fast pace in relation to such parameters as the range of services offered, turnover and the amount of profit received. However, due to purely personal circumstances, the persons who once opened this company cannot make the time and effort necessary in the future to maintain the same high rates of development.

Thus, potential investors are given the opportunity to acquire a controlling stake in the Group, use the already laid solid foundations and further strengthen the company’s position in the market in the future.

Characteristics of a potential investor

It is assumed that a potential investor (or investors) will take absolute control and use the maximum amount of time and effort necessary to bring the Group’s activities and status to a new level. The current owners of the company will provide reasonable support and training. Unless an outright acquisition agreement is signed, they are ready to fade into the background and become minority shareholders. If less than 100% is acquired, investors will be required to demonstrate their ability to effectively manage the company’s business and grow the firm by providing a record of accomplishment and demonstrating relevant work experience.

Business basis

The group offers a wide range of medical procedures, both basic and alternative, as well as procedures in the field of rejuvenation. The client base of the enterprise is largely formed from tourists who practice medical tourism. However, there are many prospects for the early expansion of both existing clients and the number of partner parties.

The group is uniquely positioned in the domestic (Cyprus) market, as it is the de facto monopoly of some highly specialized treatments. If we talk about the position of the Group in the international market, it can be noted that it is the exclusive licensee of advanced therapies based on manipulation of stem cells and biotechnological formulas that were developed in the United States and outside the States.

Three medical institutions in Cyprus run the Group. In addition, the company recently acquired a majority stake in a Danish company with a focus on cosmetic surgery. All premises are rented.

Asking Price: On request

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