Bahamas Securities Dealer License for sale

As a result of the new legislation in the Bahamas regarding intermediaries in securities transactions, the legislative regime previously regulating the activities of such legal entities has been changed. This directly influenced the jurisdiction of the Bahamas as a place for the development of enterprises, the main activity of which is transactions with securities. The Bahamas has become a more attractive niche.

Key Features

First, let’s say a few words about the new law regulating the activities of intermediaries. This piece of legislation controls the following:

  • the procedure for conducting transactions with securities;
  • schemes for organizing and concluding transactions using securities;
  • management and control over them;
  • advice on this issue.

Type of license permission held by the company being offered for sale: a license that permits activities as a securities dealer.

The license is completely new and has not yet been in use.

CRM is not provided, but may be available with a separate subscription fee on a monthly basis.

Other software: not available.

A valid account with a Hong Kong or Singapore banking institution can be provided upon individual request.

Staff: three people.

The amount of monthly expenses includes:

  • Payment for registered physical office and service
  • Services of an agent who is a local resident
  • Services of a nominee director
  • Payment for the services of the local general director and a specialist who controls compliance with the norms and requirements

Number of shareholders: 1. 

Additional information: the plant has not yet been activated and put into operation; therefore, the company does not contain any entries in its customer and production history.

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