API in UK for Sales

An API registered more than 5 years ago under the jurisdiction of the UK is on sale. The company has three premises: two small stores and a main office). The company has no monetary obligations.

Clients are given the opportunity to pay for services in the following way: in cash, through online bank deposits and through card payments.

The enterprise has a total annual transaction volume of over £ 50 million (about £ 4.1667 million goes through in a month, with an average transaction volume of 1,100).

Main turnover: India (it is possible to expand activities to other states)

Additional corridors: Europe, Australia and Canada.

API license can be changed to AEMI. It will take approximately 5-6 months to apply for an AEMI license. After the company receives AEMI status, the range of its services will be as follows:

  • multicurrency IBAN transactions;
  • issuance of prepaid cards;
  • opening digital accounts;
  • arrangement of procedures for attributing money to an installment account;
  • arrangement of procedures for pulling back money from an account;
  • making money exchanges, including moving assets to the financial record of a specialist organization, to the client account, or the third parties;
  • performing direct charge, including a one-time direct charge, making installment exchanges through creation of credit moves;
  • execution of exchanges in situations where budgetary assets are secured by the credit line of the client;
  • creation and issuance of installment instruments of different sorts and headings of utilization;
  • bringing in any cash moves;
  • data administrations with respect to the customer’s account;
  • issue of electronic currency.

Actual monthly turnover: approx. £ 4.1700 million.

Monthly Sales: Average £ 40 / £ 45k

Costs per month + overhead: average £ 33k / £ 35k.

Asking Price: On request

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