Our company provides a full range of business licensing services. Our licensing services include:

  1. selection of a license for your type of business;
  2. advice on the procedure for obtaining a license;
  3. selection and verification of documents for obtaining a license;
  4. advice on the circumstances in which a license is revoked by state authorities;
  5. advice on compliance with licensing conditions.

In order to obtain a license for a business, you need to submit a corresponding application, as well as an additional package of documents with information about the business owners and your plans. The package of documents differs depending on the type of business and the license you want to receive.

Most licenses are perpetual. Some types of licenses are limited. They are issue for 5 years, after which you have the right to renew the license.


  1. Retail alcohol license;
  2. Beer retail license;
  3. Cigarette retail license;
  4. License to import alcohol;
  5. License to import cigarettes (tobacco products);
  6. License to export cigarettes (tobacco products);
  7. License to export alcohol;
  8. License for wholesale trade in alcoholic beverages;
  9. License for wholesale trade in tobacco products;
  10. License for the production of alcohol and alcoholic beverages;
  11. License to manufacture tobacco products;
  12. License for the production of firearms and special equipment, repair of firearms and their sale.

Our company will help you figure out which license you need, as well as restore the license when it expires.

Before applying for a license, we recommend that you review the terms of compliance. After all, if they violate your license is cancel.

Please contact us to learn more about licensing options, to receive an individual offer based on your requirements and a detailed calculation for obtaining a license for your future or existing business.

To get a prompt consultation, write a form in the CRM at the bottom of the page, and our specialist will answer you online for your question.

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