International Comoros Brokerage & Clearing House

International Comoros Brokerage & Clearing House

License: International Settlement and Brokerage Representation of the Comoros

Organization data

  • The company is inactive and does not conduct any activity
  • The customer base does not contain any customer
  • The company has not yet conducted trading operations
  • Licensed in this year
  • The reputation of the company is clean and good

Business activity of the company in accordance with the license

  • Brokers on the stock exchange
  • Dealing with securities as a broker
  • Consulting clients on financial issues
  • The company can act as an asset manager
  • The company can act as a fund manager
  • Custodian services
  • Clearing services for transactions
  • Implementation of processing operations
  • The company has the right to engage in the issue of securities
  • Underwriting with securities

The offer includes:

  1. Two bank records with Credit Bank (Kenya) and Bank of Africa.
  2. Processing of virtual payment cards.

The company does not have any debts.

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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