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October 8, 2020

Great Britain is among 7 the most developped and powerful countries in the world.

Historically, this country is associated with an order and discipline. But the UK was also among those countries, who legalized gambling and drafted specific legislation for this sphere.

The process of legalization was conduct here in the middle of the 20th century. In 2005 the UK passed a law on gambling and legalized online and classic casinos. In 2007 there was creat a special authority – Gambling Commission.

Gambling here is in a special position. There are no restrictions for these activities under the law. Therefore, many clubs are officially in the white list and retain the trust of the Government. Among the advantages of online casinos in Britain are:

  1. a compulsory licensing, which guarantees safety to the players;
  2. the presence of shares on trading markets, which guarantees payments to players;
  3. large prize funds.


By the Gambling Act, you need to get a license to provide a gambling service. It is issue for such business as sports betting, slots, lotteries, casinos, bingo, machines and software for gambling and so on. Each kind of activity requires a specific type of license.

There are two kinds of licenses: remote operating license and personal license manager. The second one is the most common type. It is issue for all operators, which have a medium or large business (more than three directors or managers in the company).

In this case, each operator who works with a common strategy, financial planning, marketing, IT or corruption fighting, needs a personal license. Every 5 years it is subject to revision.


The biggest problem is the constant increase in the number of players. It is an amazing fact, as the number of sport bet decreased during the last year. So, other gambling activities are going ahead.

The other problem is gambling among minors. In 2017 Gambling Commission presented new restrictions in the sphere of marketing. All casinos were obliged to review their ads and remove bright colors, cartoon characters, animals or illustrations that can potentially interest children.

Also, casinos are prohibited to use such expression as ‘free’, ‘extra spins’ or ‘guaranteed win’. One of the newest restrictions is connect with age verification.

Now the entrance to the gambling websites is possible only due to the passport data. The owner of the website must confirm that all the users are adults and present the proofs to the UKGC if needed.


The UKGC also makes demands to the technical supply of casinos. For example, they need to save data on all users and their transactions, time fixation and auto-play.

All the games should generate random combinations to predict cheating. The probability of winning should not be low.

The servers and software, which are used in gambling, must undergo an annual audit. It is conducted by the independent auditors, and the results are transferred to the UKGC.

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