Gambling entertainment is widespread and popular in Romania. Gaming officially legalized in 2015. The main legal act is call the GEO no. 77/2009. It was complete by the GEO no. 92/2014 and by a few guidelines from the authority.

By these documents, gaming includes well-known games as lottery, bingo, betting, casinos and other games, that are available physically. The main point is the presence of specific algorithm in these games, which grants a win randomly.

All kinds of gaming activities require a license. It is issued to the operators with 10 year experience on the mart. They also have to pay taxes and provide services in the legal framework.

The specific governmental body is call the National Gambling Bureau of Romania. It was organize in 2015 and its main goal is to centralize all activities related to the gambling business on the Internet.

The priorities of the department are:

  1. licensing;
  2. control over online casinos;
  3. research and analysis of trends in the European gambling market.


The requirements for business owners are rather strict. You need to apply for different kinds of licenses in case you plan to serve different kinds of gambling. The good news is that the procedure is similar to each license. But certainly, it will take some time.

First, you have to submit the following package of documents:

  1. application form;
  2. lease agreement or documents that prove the ownership of the real estate, that will be used for business;
  3. the document, that states the absence of criminal charges connected with the business and its owners;
  4. proof of the legacy of the share capital;
  5. certificates of the absence of debts to the budget;
  6. documents confirming the originality and good technical condition of gaming equipment.

Besides, it is necessary to:

  1. form a special guarantee fund for payment of winning (you need to open a bank account for this aim);
  2. prove that the software you use is able to record all the data concerning players and their transactions;
  3. host a server in Romania or other EU Member State;
  4. hire a person to work with another EU Member State, another State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area or in the Swiss Confederation (in case you plan to get a license in these regions).

It is important to state gambling as the main activity and does not combine it with other businesses.


The cost depends on the type of license you need. There are 3 types in Romania:

  1. license for the activities of physical institutions. The term of its duration is 10 years. The size of annual license fees varies from EUR 15 thousand (poker clubs) to 20 thousand (casinos) depending on the type of activity.
  2. license to online casinos. It is also valid for 10 years. The amount of licensing depends on your profitability. For example, EUR 60 thousand with a turnover of 500 thousand.
  3. additional license for the content or software suppliers.


If you decide to get a license in a few countries at once, you have to submit additional documents, besides the package stated above:

  1. internal documents, that regulate your politics on service providing;
  2. documents that confirm the business ownership in other countries;
  3. financial and auditoria reports to prove your solvency;
  4. proof of the existence of the guarantee fund for winners;
  5. written confirmation of the owner of the premises that confirms its compliance to the technical rules.

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