FSP forex broker company in South Africa for sale

FSP forex broker company in South Africa for sale

Here is South African broker for sale.

Category 1 FSP forex broker company in South Africa for sale:

Granted Date Authorized 2021.
Operational bank accounts are in First National bank and Standard Bank Of South Africa.
Possibility of opening TPFA account for clients fund.
No website, no software, no client base, no assets.
No legal issues and debts.
Audit and accounting have been arranged in advance.
Change of ownership process: takes up to 3 days with change of control and 15 days to update FSCA about new directors and shareholders.
Reason of the sale – sellers don’t need to promote this project.

Asking price of FSP forex broker company for sale: on a request.

For details: Julia.z@eternitylaw.com

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