Forex license on Vanuatu

Forex license for Vanuatu. Vanuatu (originally known as the New Hebrides Islands) may not be as well known as the other tropical islands in the Pacific, but the jurisdiction is very beneficial for business owners, especially finance businesses.

Vanuatu offers many benefits such as tax-free:

  • at a profit;
  • for capital gains;
  • inheritance tax.

Therefore, forex and binary options companies are not the only ones interested in a company in this jurisdiction.

Since forex and binary options are highly regulated in most jurisdictions, with the exception of a few, a forex licensed company has a great advantage over other companies, as it has more trust among traders and increases their reputation.

Many issues are resolved, such as opening a bank account with a reputable bank, and processing companies and acquiring banks will be more disposed to offer a lower commission percentage on company payments, considering the operations of a licensed company to be less risky than companies without a license.

Also, it will be much easier for a company with a license on Vanuatu to obtain a financial license in European jurisdiction in the future.

Low Costs and Fast Registration – Vanuatu Forex License

These reasons are the main ones in choosing a jurisdiction for obtaining a license:

  • It is undoubtedly a fact that Vanuatu has the fastest regulation of obtaining licenses for Forex brokers and Binary Options (it is possible to get a guaranteed license within 2-3 months);
  • Very low share capital, even when compared to other prominent jurisdictions such as Mauritius or Belize. At the moment, the requirements for the authorized capital amount to the equivalent of 50,000 USD – this amount is not frozen, but can be further used after obtaining a license.

In accordance with Vanuatu law, the Security License includes forex activities.

4 Subsection 1 (1) (definition of securities) Prevention of Fraud (Investments) (Amendment)

Act No. 7 Of 2012

Repeal the definition; substitute

““ Securities ”- means securities

  1. a) shares in the share capital of a corporation – shares in the authorized capital of corporations; or
  2. b) an instrument that creates and acknowledges the indebt securities that is issued by a corporation or a public office including – an instrument that creates and recognizes to oblige securities that are issued by a corporation:
  3. i) debentures – debt obligations; or
  4. ii) debenture stock – debt securities ;; or

iii) loan stock – credit securities; or

  1. iv) bonds – bonds; or
  2. v) certifications of deposit – depository securities; or
  3. c) a right, despite whether or not conferred by warrant, to subscribe for shares or debt securities; or
  4. d) a right under a depositary receipt – rights on depositary receipts; ore) an option to acquire or dispose of any security falling within any other provision of this Act – the right to buy and sell any other securities provided by law; or
  5. f) a right under a contract for the acquisition or disposal of the relevant securities under which the delivery is to be made at a future date and at a price agreed when the contract is made in accordance with the terms of that contract – futures rights and forward contracts; or
  6. g) the proceeds of Foreign Exchange or FOREX – income from foreign exchange or FOREX; or
  7. h) the proceeds of precious metals – income from precious metals; or
  8. i) the proceeds of commodities – income from commodities.

This service includes:

1) Registration of a company in Vanuatu:

  • Company registration;
  • Legalization of documents;
  • Manufacturing of a seal;
  • Payment of state duties;
  • Delivery of the company.

2) Obtaining a license Dealers under securities license:

  • Preparation of a business plan;
  • Preparation of AML documentation;
  • Preparation of KYC documentation;
  • Connection of AML and Compliance officers;
  • Payment of state. license fees;
  • Completion and submission of forms for obtaining a license.

3) Opening a bank account:

  • Filling out the relevant bank questionnaires;
  • Collection and submission of the necessary documents for the company and BO;
  • Preparation and assistance in preparation of additional documents required by the bank.

4) Connection of a payment system for accepting Mastercard / Visa cards

The license is renewed every year.

The license renewal service includes:

  • Payment of the annual license fee;
  • Annual company renewal fee;
  • Submission of annual reports;
  • Legal address services;
  • Services of a nominally director, if required.

Assessing the advantages of this jurisdiction at the moment – the license for Vanuatu is the undoubted leader in terms of the speed of obtaining a license, price and quality.

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