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For sale forex broker license in Vanuatu

October 20, 2020

One of the most attractive countries for forex license is Vanuatu. It proposes the cheapest Forex license and the lowest requirements for the applicants. Also, the financial market in Vanuatu is only gaining momentum, so you will not meet a strict competition among the forex players.


  1. Total confidentiality of financial activity;
  2. Simple and fast registration procedure;
  3. Accounting is not required;
  4. No currency control;
  5. A possibility to get a license in the European market;
  6. Protection and loyalty of the state;
  7. No need to start an office and hire employees to proceed registration.

Moreover, Vanuatu suggests lucrative tax conditions, which do not include inheritance tax, tax on profit or capital gains tax. These reforms were conduct by the government to turn Vanuatu from the typical tourist destination into the profitable financial market and influential member of the international arena.

As the credibility to Vanuatu is constantly growing, the license owners here get undeniable advantages comparing to market players in other. That fact, that Vanuatu is not consider an offshore zone does not affect the financial sphere and its regulation.


The main advantage of Vanuatu is a short procedure of license obtaining. Here you can combine some steps in order to get the license as quickly as possible. For example, you are free to open an account in a well-known and prestige bank, even though your company is young and does not possess a relevant reputation.

The banking institutions in Vanuatu consider the intention to obtain a license as a pledge of stable activity without unnecessary risks. The other reason to set up a company in Vanuatu is low requirements for the future company. For example, the minimal state capital should be 2000 USD.

It is one of the lowest fees in Europe and even in some offshore zones. This amount is not block for usage. But according to the latest changes in Vanuatu legislation, the beneficiary has to pay a deposit in 50 000 USD as a security deposit.

A rather unusual condition for company registering is a diploma in financial education. But it is not a problem if you or your partners do not have it. Perhaps, the fee for a license will be higher, but it is not a reason to reject your application.

Personnel requirements for a company – at least one director and secretary. There is no residency or registered office requirements.

The whole process of license obtaining lasts for 2-3 months. It consists of the following steps:

  1. Company registration;
  2. Preparation of documents;
  3. Aeal acquisition;
  4. Fee payment;
  5. Statutory documents submission.

The procedure of license renewal is also simple. You only need to pay a fee specified in the license and submit an annual report.

Summing up, the jurisdiction of Vanuatu is rather attractive for brokers in search of new opportunities.

For detailed information, please, contact our specialists. We will gladly help you to enjoy all the benefits of Vanuatu jurisdiction.

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