The advantages of obtaining a financial license in Kazakhstan:

  • Ability to serve consumers from countries all over the world; no need to purchase or rent a local office. The company’s activities can be carried out abroad.
  • The company may act as a provider of payment services (PSP), deal with electronic money (EMI), act as a broker (FX) and work with a cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The company will have an official permission to carry out its activities and will have the appropriate accreditation from the administrative staff of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  • The package includes the following: local office space (registered), local agent and local resident director.
  • The income tax rate is 20% (this rate can be reduced to almost zero if the internal activities of the company are transferred to a third party). Accounting and auditing must be carried out on the territory of Kazakhstan by a local specialist who is certified in order to carry out the relevant operations (we provide the introduction).
  • 100% foreign ownership is possible.
  • The following operations with cryptocurrencies are allowed: mining, exchange, distribution of tokens, trading, launching ICOs, etc.
  • No registered capital requirement.


Activities of a Kazakhstan financial company, which are permitted:

  •  Cryptocurrency Exchange Forex/Brokerage
  •  Payment processing
  •  Financial consulting
  •  E-wallet services
  •  Offshore Crypto Trading
  •  Offshore FX
  •  Depository Agent’s activities for third parties (other Banks, PSPs, etc)
  •  Cryptocurrency ICO launches (if done through a third party issuer)
  •  Merchant Account services
  •  Issuing of debit cards via Mastercard / VISA Card through Principal Members
  •  Hosting of trading platforms (FX, cryptocurrency, etc)
  •  Software Development

Out of offered activities up to 3 options may be chosen.


Our services:

Stage 1: Preparation of documentation which shall be sent in originals
Stage 2: Registration of the company (up to 5 days + BIN number allocation), bank account opening (by Power of Attorney) and preparing of the Business Plan, application, and documentation
Stage 3: Initiation of licensing application process with the National Bank of Kazakhstan
Stage 4: Obtaining the license, documents delivery (corporate, licensing, banking)

The timeframe: circa 8-10 weeks.

The following additional services may be provided:

  •  Legal Entity Identifier Number obtaining
  •  Opening of additional bank accounts (Kazakhstan, Costa Rica)
  •  Virtual office (Singapore, Sao Paulo, Moscow, Kuala Lumpur, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, New York)
  •  Access to the European cryptocurrency exchange
  •  Obtaining a Hong Kong PSP license for SWIFT transfers


All inclusive cost : on a request
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