Asset Management Company with bank accounts in Switzerland for sale

Asset Management Company with bank accounts in Switzerland for sale

This company is an active member of the SRO, which is under the strict control of the Swiss Financial Markets Regulation and Supervision Authority (FINMA) in the asset management sector. The company has been active and has a large number of valuable contacts in the banking sector.

This license can be renewed to be able to perform additional functions, for example, to work in the cryptography industry, or to further upgrade the company to SWIFT status, or to obtain FinTech approval.

What distinguishes this company?

  • The company is an active member of the SRO regarding asset management
  • There is an address in the canton of Zug that offers some of the lowest corporate tax rates in the Swiss jurisdiction
  • Excellent reputation
  • The company is fully tuned in to work: a well-functioning infrastructure for asset management, the company has an accredited compliance specialist, there is an auditor and a nominee from the Swiss side
  • No debt obligations and hidden claims to the company
  • Clean accounting statements
  • You can transfer ownership rights within a few days. Bank accounts have already been opened and adapted
  • High competitiveness

The transaction price includes the following:

  • SRO contribution, including the annual membership fee and remuneration for the compliance officer
  • Fee to Nominee Swiss Signatory
  • Payment for address and premises
  • Full package of relevant company documents
  • Bank fees
  • Payment of transfer of ownership, change of directors and commercial fees

The prospective purchaser must provide proof of availability of the appropriate funds.

For details: / Telegram @juliazhil

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