UK Forex Brokerage License

UK Forex Brokerage License

MIFID is an EU law that regulates firms that provide services to clients related to “financial instruments, namely stocks, bonds, units in collective investment-schemes and derivatives, including also spaces where these tools are traded.” MIFID-II became operational on January 3, 2018. UK Forex brokerage license makes it admissible to carry out operations in this market segment legally, acting as an official representative of the industry.

You have the right to provide Forex or foreign exchange services if you have received the appropriate permission from FCA. Fiscal Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA) is in charge of compliance with regulatory-framework by fiscal firms that provide investment-services in UK. If the firm has received such permission, then it is legally entitled to spread its services in EEA.

Forex Broker License in UK 

Prior to claiming for Forex Broker license in United Kingdom, our specialists will review your brokerage plan and then the process will be launched. The regulator, before granting approval, carefully examines the information on the director of the firm, data on its corporate-structure and previous operations, if any. Established companies can obtain a license if they meet all the requirements.

The application-process will start with establishment of local organization. Throughout such procedure, you will be kept informed of the status of your request by mail.

Businesses for sale in UK

UK FCA Forex Broker Licence categories

  1. Transactions made for personal resources (dealer license) – conclusion of transactions with financial tools.
  2. Intermediary license – hedging client transactions, acting as a liquidity provider.
  3. Limited license allows firms to sell and implement marketing campaigns, but does not hold customers’ money.

Initial capital requirements

To obtain a dealer license, you need to have at least 731,000 euros. If you get intermediary permission, you will need about 126,000 euros of initial capital. Limited brokerage permission requires 51,000 euros of initial capital.

Obtain an FCA UK Forex Broker License

Your firm must meet threshold conditions set by the FSMA. Those who manage the firm must also comply with the basic rules – it is necessary to prove that they have the appropriate expertise and qualifications to carry out all procedures in accordance with the standards and norms set forth. The backbone of your firm – directors, those responsible for compliance and governance functions, audit and risk management – must be based in the UK.

The firm must also show that it has sufficient financial resources. Also, company leaders must confirm their competence and that they are doing everything to make the consumers of their outgoing products satisfied.

Our qualified company is professionals who are able to choose the best option for you, following which you can most profitably realize current ideas and obtain a UK Forex brokerage license. Our company takes care of all the nuances and monitors compliance with the necessary requirements, as well as help with registration. We will do everything ourselves, without distracting you from commercials and without burdening you with extra worries. We also offer a variety of ready-made companies and licenses for sale – contact us now to take the first step on the road to early success.

How to get a FX-license in UK?

To do this, it is necessary to launch firms in the jurisdiction and have sufficient start-up capital. We will help you to comply with all the nuances.

Do you need permission to trade FX in UK?

Performance of FX-transactions within this jurisdiction requires obtaining the appropriate permission. You can purchase a ready-made license, which will significantly save your costs.

Do you need a brokerage-license in UK?

Possessing this permit makes it possible to officially participate in this industry and show its profitability for customers. Our experts will provide you with extensive advice on all issues related to this industry.

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