Citizenship for investment in Dominica 

Citizenship for investment in Dominica 

Ten-years ago, a local-project was designed to possess citizenship-rights for endowments to economical progression. It operates following paragraph 101 of Constitutional Acts, and  Citizenship-Laws 8 and 20 paragraphs. Citizenship for investment in Dominica – advantageous for jurisdiction and other-citizens intending getting jurisdiction’s citizenship-rights.

Local passports allow people to move without unnecessary formalities and visas, save on taxes, and, if you wish, enjoy the unusual nature of the island and dive into magical Caribbean space. You can get second-citizenship for whole family in just a few months, and its cost is one of the lowest among such proposals. The government of the country is striving to develop tourism as one of the leading industries and is trying to attract foreign endowments in construction of hotels and infrastructure.

Excellences of opportunity to purchase Dominica citizenship 

  1. Membership in some associations and communities of global level and influence.
  2. Possessing Republic of Dominica offshore citizenship-rights, people’re given visa-free-permission or visa-on-arrival-permission to 145 states.
  3. Receiving all documentation, you may give citizenship-rights to spouse, children and close relatives in accordance with certain norms.
  4. Persons possess all same rights as ordinary residents.
  5. No demands of staying locally for certain-period.
  6. Laws do not prohibit dual-citizenship.
  7. Language testing and country history exam: no knowledge of English is required and there are no tests on the history and customs.

Business for sale in Dominica

Dominica’s investments citizenship 

Intending to claim for Dominica citizenship-rights, expectants follow certain points provided by local-regulations, fill out necessary forms correctly and without errors, and also look at next-mentioned:

  • contributions to Economical Fund – 100,000+ USD;
  • invest 200+ thousands USD in officially-approved real-estate projects.

Stages and duration of getting Dominica passports for investments 

Expectants for Dominica citizenship-rights applied with his or her family-members’re demanded to get official oaths. When this phase’s completed, requests are transferred further. Local laws don’t oblige applicants to reside for any period on island’s territory. Those whose applications have been approved have the right to reside locally for any period. Country’s official-bodies encourage investors by all means, for which there are various projects of a different nature.

If you have ever been refused visa in one of states island has visa-waiver-agreement with, you first provide visa from that state, and then claim for identity certificates.

Close relatives’re demanded to additionally give valuable means to buy passport Dominica; kids born when candidates got approval may be certified as island-citizens.

Requests, taking oath, go via several more rounds of checks, and getting their full confirmation, applicants can immediately obtain their passports. Whole process takes approximately three months, but if any problems or inaccuracies are found, the process will be delayed.

Not to get confused in documentation-collection and gather all papers in the right time, as well as to avoid mistakes in filling out, we advise you to contact our specialists. Experts in such fields operate here, who helped a considerable number to obtain citizenship in Dominica. Professionals implement everything correctly at no extra expenses. We are also ready to offer you a lot of options for ready-made companies for sale.

May I buy Dominica-citizenship?

Yes. You can get citizen-rights of this state by making certain contributions to local economical sphere.

What is the cost of becoming Dominica-citizen?

This requires endowment equal to at least 100 thousand USD. Our experts help you choose the most optimal and lucrative projects for investments.

How solid is a Dominica-passport?

Possessing it, you may travel without let or hindrance to 145 states. We explain to you all points regarding this issue and give you all detailed info.

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