Russian Tech Week 2018 in Moscow

Eternity Law International, as a partner of the event, offers to visit Russian Tech Week this year.

Russian Tech Week 2018 is a week of immersion in world technologies, for which you will gain knowledge and connections that will take years. More than 200 top experts will speak at the event, who will step by step talk about all the possibilities of using innovative technologies, real-life cases and, of course, answer one of the main questions: what kind of new opportunities do new technologies open for businesses and individuals.


– Fintech
– Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Neural Networks
– Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR / AR)
– Blockchain
– Investment Summit
– Analytics for business

At the event, you will meet with experts, meet the founders of leading start-up projects, potential investors and have the opportunity in an informal atmosphere to discuss issues that interest you.


– Anna Nenakhova – investment director, Fund “VEB-Innovations”;

– Victor Dostov – Chairman of the Council, Association of participants of the market of electronic money and money transfers “AED”;

– Grigory Leshchenko – Investment Director, Venture Fund “Skolkovo”;

– Yaroslav Kabakov – Deputy General Director, FINAM Investment Company;

– Denis Davydov – IT Development Department, Center for Technological Change and Innovation, Bank “Otkrytie”;

– Dmitry Plakhov – Head of IT Development at “Sberbank-Technologies”. Chairman of the Association and Coordinator of the Blockchain Developer Community of St. Petersburg, Head of “SberTech Development”;

– Artem Duvanov – Director of Innovation, National Settlement Depository JSC;

– Alexey Malanov – antivirus expert, Kaspersky Lab

– Alexander Dmitriev – Lead System Architect, IBM Customer Center, Industrial Solutions Consultant, IBM;

– Vladimir Alekseev – leading IBM system architect in Russia and the CIS;

– Yevgeny Jamalov – Head of the Innovations Department of the M.Video-Eldorado Group and many others.


– Understand new technologies and prospects for their use.

What are they like? How do they work? What is the fundamental principle and where is the revolution. Detailed step-by-step analysis with cases and examples.

– See the practical significance of the example of large companies and startups.

Understand how new technologies can be implemented in practice: cases of large businesses and small startups already using this technology.

– Get new ideas for business and investment.

Invest in innovation and earn tens of thousands of dollars. Corporations are already launching new directions, and small start-up teams attract millions to their projects within a few months.

– Acquire new acquaintances, connections and business contacts.

Conference participants are the core of an audience interested in advanced technologies and the development of business projects. Maximum concentration of the Russian business community.

To apply for participation, to get more information about the conference, its speakers and the program, please call +7 (499) 348-20-04 or visit the official website.

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