Registration of a company in Madeira Island

Today, everyone wants to start their own business, in order not only to earn more money, but also to develop (for example, the island of Madeira with its numerous offshore companies).

Business is a rather serious field of activity, here you need to think over every step. Now one of the best options is to open an offshore company. Madeira can be called a popular state for doing business.

The main thing in this situation is that the company is registered according to all standards. Therefore, it is best to contact the specialists of Eternity Law International.

We bring to your attention Eternity Law International. There is a team of highly qualified specialists who are able to offer you a lot of useful services, as well as advice from experienced lawyers and attorneys.

Requirements for registering a company

There are basic rules for registering an enterprise, which must be taken into account:

  1. a minimum of five shareholders will be required to open a company;
  2. in addition, you must have a certain authorized capital and during registration, some of it must already be paid;
  3. the board of directors should manage the business;
  4. in addition, a reserve fund must be created.

Mandatory procedures await you, without which opening a business is impossible:

  1. Drawing up an application for permission to operate the company name;
  2. The local bank account must already have a minimum capital;
  3. Registration must be done with the tax authority in order to receive a taxpayer card;
  4. If the non-residents of Madeira will work in the organization, you will need to provide the state authorities with the employment contracts of such employees;
  5. Only after that you will need to register where the company is located;
  6. Publication of the company’s charter in the newspaper;
  7. Information about the employees of the enterprise should be publicly available.

Eternity Law International services

This organization is able to offer such services as:

  1. remote registration of an enterprise in any state;
  2. in addition, here for you they will be able to find an experienced secretary who will further help in all matters of the company
    provides accounting services;
  3. keeps records, prepares documentation, and also submits reports to the tax office;
  4. provides a legal and registration address;
  5. independently collects all the necessary documents for the registration of an offshore company. If necessary, certify them with a notary;
  6. assists in obtaining certificates;
  7. without your presence will be able to open any required account;

From this it follows that this whole procedure will last long enough and it will be most profitable to contact the employees of Eternity Law International. Here they will carry out this procedure much faster, and even your participation is not required.

In addition, there is a whole range of additional services that we are able to provide. Contact the company’s employees using the phone or social networks. If you wish, you can chat with managers online.

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