Offshore company Belize

The cost of registration 1 250.00 EUR
The cost of renewal 1 220.00 EUR
Number of Directors 1
Corporate tax 0.00%
Paid up capital 0.00
Requirements for mandatory reporting No

Belize is a country situated in Central America.

In addition to the favorable climate and sunny beaches, the country is also known as the large offshore area.

However, the problem of Belize is the complexity of local legislation. Particularly difficult is the taxation on the territory of Belize, so before you give preference to that state, you need to consult with professionals.

Fixed payment instead of vat for offshore companies in Belize

One of the main features of Belize as an offshore jurisdiction, are specific tax rates, divided into several levels.

Note that non-residents of the country do not pay the value added tax; instead, they operate a fixed payment.

Tax residents of Belize are obliged to pay 25% of profits to the country; also for non-residents, the following rates are approved:

  • $100 if the capital of the company does not exceed EUR 50 000 per year;
  • $1 000, if the equity capital exceeds 50,000 Euro per year;
  • $350 if the organization produces a share issue, without specifying the nominal value.

The tax period for specified payments is 365 days. You need to pay the taxes no later than January 31 of the following year.

Offshore company registration rules

All the non-resident legal entities in Belize are registered as International Business Companies (IBC). An important feature of the offshore is the lack of free access to the registry of founders, so you can be sure that they will remain incognito.

On the territory of Belize, you can register a company operating in any industry, but some areas require appropriate licensing, in particular:

  • jurisprudence;
  • financial business;
  • insurance business;
  • transport services.

The non-residents of Belize are prohibited acquiring ownership of land plots and real estate. Also, it is not allowed to have a joint business with organizations who are tax residents of the territory.

The capital deposit when registering the company is necessary. As a rule, it is enough only 50 000 euros for the registration authority to allow the legal entity to conduct business.

To keep the accounting records for non-residents is still necessary, however, providing reports and undertaking an annual audit is optional.

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