Gambling license in Romania

For three decades, the Romanian government has been issuing and amending bills regulating gambling business, a license for conducting a gambling business in Romania and all the principles of operation of these enterprises have appeared.

This is not surprising, because the gambling industry is one of the largest in the state. Today in Romania there are two bodies that control gaming activities:

  • Ministry of Finance (monitors the income of gaming organizations);
  • Gambling Commission under the Ministry (issues certificates and licenses for the legitimate gambling business).

Members of this commission are prohibited from opening their own casinos in any jurisdiction. According to Romanian legislation, it is possible to implement the following gambling (both physical and virtual):

  • slot machines;
  • bingo;
  • bet;
  • internet rooms;
  • lotteries;
  • black Jack;
  • rates;
  • sweepstakes;
  • poker;
  • roulette.

A prerequisite for the establishment and conduct of gambling activities is licensing, as well as obtaining official permission for the functioning of gambling grounds.

Romania and slot machine license

In order to register and conduct gambling activities related to slot machines, it is necessary to obtain documents for each type of machine. They indicate the inspections of machines for operability and the presence of breakdowns (in an online casino, the renewal of the certificate of the Random Number Generator is checked by means of an audit).

It is not difficult to obtain such a license in Romania, provided that:

  • the owner of the casino has reached the age of 23, is not a civil servant, has no criminal record;
  • slot machines are installed in places far from monuments, educational and medical institutions, cultural objects;
  • game rooms are equipped with separate entrances (especially important if they are located in the same building with shops and cafes).

The term of legal validity of the license for slot machines lasts three years and is automatically renewed after verification by the commission.

Lottery in Romania: license to operate

Lotteries are quite popular in Romania. To obtain a legitimate permission to carry out lottery draws in the state, it is necessary to submit a full package of documents to the Gambling Commission. Main documentation:

  • an agreement on the lease or purchase of premises where the activity will be carried out;
  • application in Romanian with the signature (original) of the counterparty;
  • certificate of no criminal record;
  • necessary documents for software and equipment for use in the game;
  • documents showing the sources of the client’s investment.

In addition, the commission’s specialists constantly check the level of payments.

Opening a casino in Romania: basic requirements

There are special requirements for the opening of a casino in the state, including:

  • ten gaming tables (four of them are for roulette);
  • the presence of a separate entrance;
  • full compliance with operational standards (including a toilet and a restroom for employees);
  • mandatory check of the office for compliance with safety regulations (fire regulations) and sanitary standards of activity.

Bookmaker offices in Romania

In order to avoid violations of the legislation regarding the conduct of gambling business, you must carefully study the rules for obtaining a betting license. The prerequisites are:

  • serviceable electronics with relevant documents;
  • the presence of video cameras in the game room, as well as in the cashier’s room;
  • video surveillance with color recording of what is happening (to resolve controversial issues);
  • storage of video records for up to ten years or more;
  • the inability to take part in disputes, bets, gambling to employees and owners of bookmakers.

Regulations for obtaining a bingo license in Romania

The main condition for obtaining a license is the location of the office. It should be at least thirty meters away from parks, shops, recreation areas, residential complex, etc.

Having a Romanian bingo license allows you to accept bets in foreign currency. To do this, you must additionally obtain permission from a banking institution in Romania.

Violations in the conduct of gambling business in Romania

It is an offense to lack or expire a license. In this case, the owner will have to pay an administrative fine, the amount of which varies from five hundred thousand to ten million lei and depends on the type of gambling.

The Romanian government has established quite stringent requirements, prescribing the basic requirements for registering and conducting gambling activities.

All licenses for gambling business are valid from one to five years (depending on the game) and require repeated checks and renewal of certificates upon expiration. Having received a license, it is necessary to place it on the website (online games) or in a place visible to visitors (land based physical business).

To obtain any of these licenses, you can independently deal with this issue, or you can contact Eternity Law International, which specializes in assistance in preparing such documents.

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