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Investing in Belarus

January 24, 2019


Lately, doing business abroad has become quite popular. This direction is explained by several factors: the desire of the entrepreneur to successfully invest his capital, the desire for financial development and knowledge of foreign markets and economies.

And it all becomes more accessible. Belarus has also become open to foreign investment – rapidly advancing upward after the collapse of the USSR. The country’s economy successfully developed and the government created favorable conditions for the effective management and organization of business.

The World Bank Group confirms the growth of the country’s economic development in the world ranking from the 120th row to 38. And in the plans of state agencies – to rise in the top 30 countries.

This result became available after creating an attractive investment climate, continuous improvement of the tax system, simple procedures for registration of ownership and registration of companies.

The plans include further improvement, which will include: administrative procedures, licensing of goods, affordable taxation, fully competitive pricing, preferential systems for investors.

And as a result – $ 8.6 billion invested in banks of Belarus from foreign investors.


The success and stability of investment capital is determined by certain reasons.

The geographical position contributes to the creation of trade routes connecting Europe with the countries of independent states and Asia.
Stability in the economy. After the global crisis, according to experts, the country’s economy suffered the least. They also predict further positive growth.

Favorable climate for investment. Free economic zones have been created for successful business by the government, and a system of tax incentives for investments in agriculture. At the legislative level, there is a guarantee on the use of the proceeds and the protection of rights against interference in the private affairs of an entrepreneur.

Belarus is also recognized in the international arena as one of the leading reformers in the development of the country.
Well-developed infrastructure of transport, logistics and communications.
Simplified tax system.
Privatization opportunities.
The country provides a highly skilled workforce, because 50% of workers have higher education.
Worthy quality of life. One third of the country’s GDP comes from the development of its own industry.
Thus, to open a company, you need to consider the following factors:
– legal requirements;
– basics of labor law;
– tolerance and general culture of doing business.

The country also has a Foreign Investment Advisory Council, which provides:
– processing proposals for improving investment legislation;
– consideration of regulations governing commercial organizations with foreign capital;
– making proposals to the government authorities on the acts considered, as well as an obstacle to restricting the rights of investors.


To attract foreign capital to the country, a National Agency for Investment and Privatization was specially created, which will provide assistance to:
– visa application;
– providing advice on the opening of offshore and investment opportunities of the country;
– will select profitable objects for financing or acquisition;
– select reliable partners;
– will help in solving controversial issues in the design of the company;
– will provide further support in the work.

As a result, foreign businessmen can invest in the companies of Belarus any amount of investments, open branches of their companies or register new ones. For entrepreneurs, there are special preferential legal laws.

For investment counseling, contact Eternity Law International consultants.

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