Eternity Law International News How to get a gaming license in Curacao in 2023

How to get a gaming license in Curacao in 2023

July 26, 2023

This country is often chosen for gamble businesses because of the very loyal conditions of the local market and the affordable costs of establishing an enterprise. Gambling license in Curacao requires peculiar attainments of legislative basis. It makes it admissible to set up business-structure quickly becoming a member of such lucrative sphere.

Curacao Gaming License obtaining: normative provisions

  1. Such direction has become popular there. It has good and suitable tax conditions. Currently there’s a general scheme functioning for determined categories of permissions: master ones and sublicenses.
  2. Jurisdiction sets excellent conditions for heading commercials in the gambling field. Special provisions came into force in 90s, which made virtual casinos legal, and since 1996, governmental bodies began to approve land based gamble firms as well.
  3. Validation of master casino permit is 5 years. Sub-permissions linked to master permits don’t possess an expiration date while the master permission is active. Thus, 4 master permissions are currently active. Entrepreneurs who want to legalize on the island may get a sublicense from owners of master permission.

Businesses for sale in Curacao

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Privileges of betting license in Curacao 

Statistics demonstrate the profits of enterprises acting in this sphere in Curacao are steadily increasing: it gives confidence in stability of niche in future. Structure with Curacao online gaming license is excellent idea for investments:

  • confidence in safety due to strict regulation and legality of activities;
  • possibility to officially open a banking account for gamble firm;
  • excellent reputation among users and potential partners;
  • attractiveness for software suppliers.

iGaming license stands out with some of next-mentioned features:

  • with one sublicense, you can conduct operations with various gamble;
  • licensing expenses are lower;
  • licensing process lasts a month if procedure is properly performed;
  • opportunities to accept cryptocurrency.

How to get Curacao gaming license

Next-mentioned stages, mandatory for firms intending possessing online gamble licenses, are distinguished.

  1. Enterprise registration.
  2. Collection of documentation needed for the procedure of getting permission.
  3. Send application and complete registration fees.
  4. Expecting for consideration (about 1 month).
  5. Obtaining a permit and beginning to work.

Prior to obtaining a permission, specialists of local regulative body check the applicant’s website. 

Documents for getting Curacao gamble permission

Documentation needed may differ based on the specific circumstances connected with applicant firm, but following official papers will be included in it.

  1. Utility bill (not older than 3 months at the moment of application submitting).
  2. Copies of applicants’ passports.
  3. Business summary.
  4. Certificate of criminal records’ absence.
  5. Recommendations from a banking institution.
  6. Professional recommendations.

Applicants prepare documentation prior to sending applications. You can make a mistake even in small things, so it is better to contact a specialized firm to get a permit: it’ll assist you at all stages.

Curacao gaming license cost

Prices differ based on master permit owner and additional points, but are often not high. Additionally to initial fee, you make payments for registration of a local entity, fee for services of representatives, a lawyer,domiciliation and administration contributions, etc.

Country also offers very low tax rates. The tax on net income on the island is 2%.

Legislative update in 2023

This year, Curacao is expected to introduce a new law. Through this law, whole licensing mechanisms will be changed.

One of significant modifications is formation of a new regulative division on basis of local Gaming Authority. For firms wishing to begin to function in such sphere, this body gives B2C and B2B permits; they replace master licensees who previously issued sub-permits. Firms already received permits based on previous mechanisms possess opportunities to designate their business-activities in new licenses. Firms are given 18-month-period for the transition. Thus, it’ll be easier for firms being licensed to re-qualify business-activities according to new permits than those that start from scratch.

Each firm that will apply for a new permit will have to put up initial fee equal to 4,000 euros. Moreover, an annual license fee of 12,000 euros will be payable. Firms also need to designate individuals being in charge for overseeing all deals and operations, preventing illegal circulation of funds and for fair policies.

To save time and money, you can turn to our experts. Our firm offers a wide spectrum of professional support, particularly, it’ll assist you to fill out the documents correctly, as well as create a legal, stable business-project bringing you profits. We can assist in obtaining a newly-updated license in Curacao, and bring business-structure into correspondence when new regulations come into force or get a license in alternative cost effective space. Additionally, we offer an extensive list of ready-made firms for sale in 120+ countries. Contact us right now and we’ll choose the best option for setting up a business.

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