Eternity Law International News How to get a gaming license in Curacao in 2023

How to get a gaming license in Curacao in 2023

November 10, 2022

State is often chosen for gamble commercials because of the very loyal conditions of the local market and the affordable costs of establishing an enterprise. Gambling license in Curacao requires specific attainments of laws, which makes it possible to quickly launch commercial structure and become a member of online gambling sphere.

Curacao Gaming License obtaining: regulations

Gaming license in Curacao sets excellent conditions for running commercials in gamble field. Special Order came into force in 90s, which made virtual casinos legal, and since 1996, governmental bodies began to approve gamble firms with physical representation.

Online betting has become popular there. It has good and suitable tax conditions. Instead of a unified system of regulation and issuance of licenses, there is a system functioning for certain classes of permissions (basic and sublicenses).

Validation of basic casino license in Curacao is 5 years. Sub-permissions linked to main permit don’t possess an expiration date while the main permission is active. Since 1996, 4 general permissions have been provided there. Operators who want to legalize on the island can get a sublicense from holders of main permits for such type of activity.

Benefits of betting license in Curacao

Statistics demonstrate the profits of enterprises acting in gamble sphere in Curacao are steadily increasing: this gives confidence in stability of industry in the future. Virtual establishments requiring Curacao online gaming license – perfect idea for investments.

  1. Confidence in safety due to strict regulation and legality of activities.
  2. Possibility to officially open a bank account for gamble firm.
  3. Excellent image in minds of players and potential partners.
  4. Attractiveness for software contractors.

Additionally, online betting license stands out among other states with some of the following features:

  • with one sublicense, you can conduct operations with different gamble;
  • licensing expenses is lower there;
  • licensing lasts a month and a half if procedure is properly performed;
  • possibility to use cryptocurrency.

How to get Curacao gaming license

Significant next-mentioned stages mandatory for firms intending possessing online gambling license are distinguished.

  1. Enterprise registration.
  2. Collection of documentation needed for process of getting permission.
  3. Send application and complete registration fees.
  4. Expecting for consideration (about 1.5 months).
  5. Opening of firm and beginning of work.

Before businesspersons receive permission, specialists of local regulative body will check the site. This means that the domain, server, and platform do not need to be explicitly chosen when applying, but the site must be ready to accept clients before permit is issued.

Documents for getting Curacao gamble permission

List of documents required may vary depending on the specific circumstances connected with applicant firm, but following official papers will be included in it.

  1. Utility bills (provided no earlier 3 months before application).
  2. Copy of applicants’ passports.
  3. Summary.
  4. Certificate of penal records’ absence.
  5. Recommendation from a banking institution.
  6. Professional recommendations.

Applicants need to collect required documentation before sending application. You can make a mistake even in small things, so it is better to contact a specialized firm to get permission: it’ll assist you at every stage.

Curacao gaming license cost

Curacao gaming license price varies based on main permit owner and some points, but are often less. Additionally to initial application fee, you make payment for registration of a local enterprise on island, fee for services of representatives, a lawyer, and domiciliation and administration contributions, etc.

Jurisdiction also offers very low tax rates. The tax on net income on the island is 2%.

To save time and money, turn to Curacao gaming license law firm. We support businesspersons in gamble licensing, particularly, to assist them in collecting and filling out documents correctly, as well as create a legal, stable business that will make a profit. In addition, we offer an extensive list of ready-made companies for sale in many states. Contact us right now, and we will select the best option for setting up a business for you.

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