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Gaming license in Antigua and Barbuda

October 5, 2022

With several prestigious financial institutions holding offices on the island, Antigua is a global centre of the economic sector. Under the international Act for businesses, the island offers a unique corporate structure that grants exemptions to businesses who have registered with the Act. Additionally, Antigua offers a variety of additional advantageous corporation formations. Also, it is possible to obtain a gambling license. You can get more info about it in this article and consult with our experts.

The betting license in Antigua and Barbuda

Receiving such a type of permit enables everyone to launch an offshore gaming enterprise. With the promulgation of the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act in 1994, the potential of a gambling license for Antiguan internet games first became apparent. It contributed to Antigua becoming a preferred place for legal online gambling.

The International Business Corporations Act’s implementation of the online betting laws gave the sector of online games a boost. It made Antigua a well-known option for a gaming license. Antigua has a separate regulatory power for online gambling. Additionally, Online Casinos are permitted there to accept bets and run advertisements in the UK.

Stages to get a gambling license in Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua, a Caribbean island, has a well-organized requests procedure with distinct phases for acquiring a permit because it is a reputable jurisdiction. Following are the processes for obtaining a betting license:

  • Forming an Enterprise in Antigua

The initial step in getting online Antigua permissions is the creation of a company entity. Antigua permits foreign-registered businesses to apply for a permit, nevertheless, to profit from tax advantages, it is strongly advised that a local business be established following the International Business Corporations Act.

  • Installation of machines and systems

You must set up servers within Antigua’s legislation to do business there. Additionally, following the rules, the gaming-related equipment must receive validation from an authorized service provider.

  • Taking off

When all processes are finished, the site may be launched and the gaming license’s data is posted on the Directorate of Offshore Gaming website. Sites of permissions holders give access to a unique seal known as the Antigua Gaming Preferential Seal may be used to confirm the legitimacy of their licenses.

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