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Gambling Licensing in Costa Rica

August 12, 2022

Generally, gambling licensing in Costa Rica isn’t approved, but entrepreneurs may offer virtual casino services. You may create your own Internet firm, put your own soft into practice, launch a web-site and think over the internal organization of the institution before thinking about certification. Preferably, all transactions will have to be carried out through cryptocurrency, but fiat currencies will also be possible.

Country is loyal in its relation to gamble world, cryptocoins and commercials as long as all is proposed by local firms outside the state. But in this state itself, all types of casinos are completely prohibited, and there are strict laws in this regard. For people wanting to get into gamble direction, this jurisdiction is perfect place. Country’s governing apparatus allows paying part of the salary in cryptocurrency (everything that is above the minimum wage in the country).

When the company gets big, there will be a choice – to continue working with digital transactions, or to expand the choice of ways to deposit and withdraw money. For second option, you’ll need to obtain gambling licenses in another zone. Curacao or Malta are suitable for such purposes.

Getting gaming license in Costa Rica

If businesspersons intend to establish gamble structure in this state, you’re given 2 options. You can purchase a ready-made business with registration, which will be re-registered in your name. Such firms have denominations, but after sale, you may change it.

The second way out is to create and register your own company on your own. To do this, you need to pass all local checks and collect a folder of papers needed to open organization there.

Cost of gaming license in Costa Rica

Thus there’s no official permission for such establishments, there’s no need to pay for this business. But it’s mandatory to spend money on firm creation.

Costs of gaming licensing in Costa Rica depend on what you proffer and site demands. Usually, for such projects, it’s mandatory to create an exceptional name, pay a state fee, apply for its registration, certify all papers with a notary and prepare translations of documentation in English. These steps take about a month of your time; price is lower than in states requiring licensing for virtual casinos.

Advantages of opening casinos in this country

  1. By registering gamble project here, you will be able to own casinos and offer users gaming for every taste. Users worldwide will be able to play there, but not from Costa Rica and preferably not from the USA.
  2. It’s an excellent zone for working with cryptocurrencies. Governing bodies are loyal to the use of digital money.
  3. Firms there are formed quite quickly, plus – there aren’t restrictions for company’s heads, and establishment cost and taxes are quite low. You won’t be required to possess certain starting capital.
  4. Gaming companies licensed in Costa Rica don’t suppose taxation on profits received outside.
  5. This’s perfect variant to examine a company’s capabilities and ideas prior licensing in other states.

Our professionals have been working in the field of selling and buying deals, as well as gambling licensing, so they’ll help you quickly and profitably open a firm, which pays for itself soon enough. We’ll help with Costa Rica gambling licenses advising on all issues arising regarding casino establishment and work beginning.

Contact our experts in any way convinient for you. We will help with a deal directly and with complex professional advice.

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