Gambling license in Curacao and business opportunities

Gambling license in Curacao and business opportunities

Having a gambling license for Curacao is expressed in a number of advantages for an entrepreneur. The main advantages of this jurisdiction relate to international corporations and minimum tax rates. Curacao, in general, is a pretty good offshore zone that attracts start-up entrepreneurs and already experienced representatives of the business environment.

Advantages of a gaming license in the Curacao jurisdiction

Business founders automatically receive a good gambling reputation, and many other advantages will become available to them, in particular, the following:

•        the gambling license in Curacao has been issued for more than 8 years, and that’s why the organization that received this document officially acts as one of the most reliable licensors;

•        developers of gaming software offering their products on your platform, face the minimum requirements that will allow you to run RNG and slots that are in the process of verification;

•        the gambling industry in Curacao is not divided into classes. Thus, you get a single license that covers all casino entertainment;

•        the amount to be paid for the consideration of the application and the duration of this process are reduced to a minimum for both residents and foreign entrepreneurs;

•        the rate for tax collection is equal to 2% of the company’s net profit, but not of the total amount of profit received;

•        personal presence is not necessary;

•        the presence of the license can be confirmed on the website and is available online.

Many online portals unite players from all over the world, but the gambling license in Curacao requires that all players strictly follow certain rules for using the resource. In addition, players should be advised by the site in advance that gambling might be somewhat dangerous.

The names of organizations must be in Latin and must be unique. In addition, the name should conclude and describe only the real activities of the company, without misleading users.

What you need to get this gaming license

First, in order to obtain a gambing license in Curacao, you need to register a local limited liability company. In addition, the entrepreneur will need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • hire a local director;
  • provide a complete description of the entertainment that will be presented on the resource;
  • draw up and demonstrate the Terms of use of the platform;
  • have your own individual domain;
  • have at least one physical company server within the given jurisdiction;
  • carry out AML procedures in relation to each of the players;
  • to provide a technical audit of the game structure, including the software in general;
  • obtain software certification, which is an RNG certificate;
  • organize the site system in such a way that persons under the age of 18, residents of the United States or the Netherlands Antilles, are denied registration on the resource.

As can be concluded, in order to obtain a gambling license in Curacao, you need to spend a lot of time and efforts that could be used to develop your business. That is why the acquisition of a ready-made company will be more expedient as for the saving time resources. Buying a ready-made solution, you can bypass all the points listed above and get under your control a fully debugged business that requires only your attention and further operation. Thus, buying a ready-made solution is a convenient option for a quick start of a business.

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