Forex Broker License in Mauritius

Forex Broker License in Mauritius

Performing commercial operations in FX sphere obligatory needs official permit. Forex broker license in Mauritius means ability to officially work in Republic – it’s kind of “key” to trade on FX currency market. Fiscal services authority in Republic, FSC, also has full control over entire non-banking financial services area, pension funds and insuring organizations, etc. Forex broker license in Mauritius can be issued only to organizations fully comply with standards prescribed in the regulations of the state apparatus. Along with permit application, entrepreneurs submit some of following documentation:

  • description of functioning of organization’s control system;
  • firms’ Statute and founders agreement;
  • commercial plan outlining target customers, third-party value-added service providers, the company’s recruitment mechanisms, planned marketing activities, and the like;
  • confirmation that personnel have passed a fitness test and that each employee meets the qualifications, skills and expertise demanded for job duties.

Accessible FX brokers in Mauritius

Organization operating within Republic may qualify for certain types of permits, in particular the next-mentioned.

  1. It provides businesspersons with rights to execute customers’ orders and provide advice on issues connected with investments (the latter is optional).
  2. Full Service Dealer – broker-services of any nature.
  3. Investment Dealer – company gets opportunities acting as a broker of goods and derivatives.

FX licenses in Mauritius are accessible exclusively to those enterprises, fulfilling demands relates directly to personnel in addition to other moments:

  • presence of Directors – min 2 persons with residence;
  • secretary who also has the residence of Republic;
  • firm must have a local auditor on its personnel;

Firms having this authorization are required undergoing audit.

Mauritian FX license: accessible services

With this permission, the firm has official rights to:

  • be intermediate part in transactions with shares and FX;
  • deal with investment in order to obtain earnings;
  • investments’ consultations.

Getting Forex license: procedure nuances

Filing an application is procedure that requires maximum concentration and attention from the entrepreneur. If the regulator has any doubts about firm subject to licensing, then the enterprise has likelihoods of rejection. License is issued only to enterprises not performing transactions in state. Bank account will need to be opened mandatory.

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