Fintech Day 2019 in Moscow

On April 23-24, 2019, the Technocrat company holds a conference in Moscow – “Fintech Day 2019. Digital technologies in the financial industry”.

“Fintech Day 2019. Digital Technologies in the Financial Industry” is a two-day applied conference and exhibition from Technocrat about the digital transformation in the financial sector, for which you will receive knowledge and connections that will take years.

The event will feature 30 experts who, step by step, will talk about trends in the digitalization of the financial market and demonstrate real cases.

You will meet with top financiers, meet the founders of leading start-up projects, potential investors and have the opportunity in an informal atmosphere to discuss issues that interest you.

Venue: Red October Deworkacy, Moscow, Bersenevskaya Embankment, 6, bldg. 3 (m. Kropotkinskaya).


– Analyzing customer data as the basis for revenue growth and profitability;

– New business models using digital technologies;

– Digital technologies for bank marketing. Omnanality, VR / AR, geomarketing;

– Digital bank for business. Why do businessmen need “smart banks”;

– Real Full Digital in the bank;

– Biometric system of the bank;

– Corporate platforms, cases and solutions;

– Update the IT operating model to prepare for the “new standard”;

– Public cloud, as the basic model of the infrastructure;

– Forecasting algorithms: the creation of innovative banking online solutions;

– Payments and POS-innovations;

– Cybersecurity;

– InsuranceTech;

– Marketplaces

and much more


– Alexey Aldoshkin – analyst at the investment projects of the AtomInvest company of the Rosatom State Corporation;

– Alexey Kudachkin – Product Manager, Information Technology Innovations Department, Gazprombank;

– Sergey Ptokhov – advisor, R & D Department, Alfa-Bank;

– Ivan Popkov – head of the group of developers, CRIC;

– Dmitry Glushchenko and Kirill Kirillo – BCS project manager and general director of AIR Production;

– Alexander Dunaev – co-founder, Operations Director, ID Finance;

– Egor Petukhovsky – co-owner, Center for Corporate Technologies;

– Alexander Trifonov – advisor, Freshdoc;

– Dmitry Plakhov – chairman of the association “SPb BlockChain Community” (blockchain-community of St. Petersburg);

– Alexey Skobelev – CEO, Markswebb.


– Learn the leading trends of 2019 in the financial industry.

Why is everything happening in the financial market? What is the fundamental principle and where is the revolution. Detailed step-by-step analysis with cases and examples.

– See the practical significance of the example of large companies and startups.

Understand what fintech technologies can be implemented in practice: cases of large business and small startups.

– Charge with new ideas.

Banks with branches, queues and white collars are losing customers. You need to build a new generation bank concept right now, otherwise the end is not far off.

– Acquire new acquaintances, connections and business contacts.

Conference participants are professional financiers, economists and accountants. The conference will be the perfect space to form the necessary connections and acquaintances.

Book places in advance with a 5% discount on the promo code: IFPCFIN-ETERNITYLAW
by phone +7 (499) 348-20-04 or on the website

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