Costa Rica gambling license

If it is necessary to legalize activities in the field of gambling, it is difficult to find a profitable way that will allow you to operate anywhere in the world. But a gambling license in Costa Rica is a real opportunity to start a business in the field of gambling.

For a very long time, the government of Costa Rica has encouraged the gambling business. Thanks to this, the telecommunications resource is constantly developing. This fact favorably affects the conditions for entrepreneurial activity. Thus, the profits of the founder of the company acquired outside the state are not taxed.

This method of legalizing online casinos can be called the most optimal solution for novice businessmen in the field of gambling. Further we will tell you about the features. It will serve as a reason for acquiring a gambling license in the state of Costa Rica.

Advantages of obtaining a license in Costa Rica

State licensing is the best way to start your own gambling business. Now, more than one hundred thousand online casinos with this license are operating everywhere. Despite the fact that they have not yet developed a legal framework to regulate the online gaming business.

This means that all entities, including offshore ones, can count on being able to provide slots, poker, lotteries and other types of gambling to fans of gambling. And it will be completely legal! Such licensing does not provide for the opportunity to participate in such projects for citizens of the state. In this regard, the future owner of the casino will be required to block local IP addresses.

At the same time, the conditions for the operation of a gambling company on the territory of the country are excellent – no one will check its activities. Earlier it was said that with a gambling license in Costa Rica, you will not have to pay taxes.

With an annual license tax, the government is increasing its budget to curb terrorist activity and fraud. Companies that are registered in the country are required to pay fixed taxes.

Registration of a gambling business in Costa Rica is convenient, practical, fast, and here’s why:

  • stable situation in the state;
  • there are no software requirements;
  • the ability to locate servers anywhere in the world;
  • it is possible to open an account outside the country;
  • there are no taxes on income;
  • there is no need to provide reports;
  • high speed of obtaining a license;
  • there is an opportunity to use the nominee service;

How to get a license to run a gaming business?

A gaming license has several advantages. One of them is the speed of its registration.

In order to purchase a license, you need to collect a package of documents:

  • Proof of the owner as a legal entity operating in the country.
  • Passport and copies of all future owners of the company.
  • Data on the tasks, purposes of the establishment of the enterprise.
  • Software data.
  • Ready business plan.

As soon as the documents are collected and sent for consideration, the issuance of a gambling license will follow.

To do this, you need to do:

  • development of company regulations;
  • checking the regulations by the control commission;
  • choosing a company name;
  • payment of the registration fee.
  • office space rental in the country;
  • opening a bank account anywhere in the world;
  • creating a postal address;
  • check by the Ministry of Health;
  • insurance registration;
  • registration of personnel.

Licensing is required by an authorized person – a citizen of the country. If the authorities have any questions about the activities of the company, they will all be asked to him. Thus, it is necessary to appoint a specialist who will have full authority to represent the interests of the company and its management.

A registered legal entity will acquire the status of an international format and the ability to conduct business in any country. The wise policy of the state, simple requirements for doing business are the advantages for obtaining a license in Costa Rica.

If you need advice on the legalization of the gambling business, contact the representatives of Eternity Law International. Our specialists are ready to do everything to get a gambling license.

With our help, you can avoid difficulties and lengthy documentation proceedings. You can purchase a turnkey online casino from us.

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