Company registration in the Russian Federation

In order to create a company on the territory of the Russian Federation, first of all, you need to decide on the legal form. The most commonly used are LLCs and individual entrepreneurship.

Limited Liability Company or LLC

The founder of such a company can be a legal entity or an individual. The authorized capital, previously divided into parts between the members of the company, is paid in full when the company is created.

Registration of an LLC involves going through some of the following stages.

  1. Choosing the name of the organization. The name of the LLC should include the name itself and the abbreviation itself, presented in full. If the name contains words in foreign languages, they must be written in Cyrillic.
  2. Legal address is indicated. You can get it through one of the three methods below:
  • rent, purchase or use of premises already owned;
  • conclusion of a contract for the provision of legal address and postal secretarial services;
  • LLC is registered at the address where the founder or manager lives.
  1. Choose the directions of the firm’s activities in accordance with OKVED.
  2. For the capital deposit, a period of no more than 4 months is determined from the day the company was registered. Its minimum size is 10 thousand rubles.
  3. A package of the following papers is being prepared:
  • decision from the sole founder or minutes of the constituent assembly;
  • Society Status;
  • founding agreement (required if there are more than two founders).
  1. Form P11001 is filled in.
  2. A contribution to the state budget is paid in the amount of 4 thousand rubles.
  3. A taxation scheme is selected.

Individual entrepreneurship

This is one of the easiest ways to organize a business in the Russian Federation. An individual entrepreneur, in fact, does not require the formation of a legal entity, however, it is liable to its own creditors and in relation to all other obligations.

So, IE creation is carried out in several stages.

  1. An individual entrepreneur is a natural person, therefore, in all documentation, such an institution will be named in accordance with its full name. For individual entrepreneurs, you can register a service mark or a trademark.
  2. The address at which the FP is registered is the same address where the individual lives.
  3. An application submitted for registration must contain the planned direction of business activity.
  4. Form P21001 is filled out, along with it copies of the individual’s passport are provided. If this is a non-resident, then it will be necessary to translate the passport and notarize it.
  5. A state budget fee of 800 rubles is paid.
  6. A taxation scheme is selected.
  7. If necessary, a power of attorney is drawn up in order to transfer the right to submit and receive documents.

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