Company registration in Mongolia

Mongolia is located between two states with one of the highest levels of influence on the world stage – the Russian Federation and the PRC. That is why, this jurisdiction is quite interesting for entrepreneurs looking for the most favorable and favorable conditions for doing business. Opening a company in Mongolia opens the way to new sales markets and makes it possible to create an effective tax scheme for the overall optimization of the fiscal structure. Income tax in Mongolian jurisdiction is levied at a rate equal to only 10%.

Under certain conditions, entrepreneurs can be exempted for 3-10 years from having to pay mandatory fees to the state budget. companies whose activities are related to telecommunications, construction and some other industries, they can extend this period for another 5 years, having contributed to the budget half of the required tax revenues.

Mongolia has a zone called Altanbulag. This is a free economic space that borders on Russia. Profits made in this area are taxed at a rate of 10%. If a company complies with certain of the following conditions, then it receives additional opportunities:

  • the ability to not pay taxes for the next ten years;
  • companies whose activities are related to telecommunications, construction business, maintenance of electricity and heat supply systems may additionally be exempted from paying tax in the amount of 50% for the next five years.

Many entrepreneurs seek to open a company in Mongolia for several other reasons:

  • you can register a company in this jurisdiction remotely, or through authorized representatives in Ulaanbaatar;
  • you can create an account both in local currency and in euros or dollars;

Mongolia has been a member of the WTO and a UN member for over 15 years, which makes it one of the most reliable countries.

Organizational forms for non-residents

Mongolia allows non-residents to create a separate, independent company if the registered capital of such an enterprise exceeds the amount of $ 100,000. The certificate issued to the company after registration and confirming that it has the status of LLC, must be renewed every year. A foreign investor can single-handedly establish a company or establish partnerships with residents by investing in the company with mixed capital. Limited liability companies are required to:

  • have a legal address and an office;
  • include one shareholder – an individual businessman or company;
  • have at least 1 director – a resident of Mongolia or a foreign person with a residence permit.

LLC registration in Mongolia, as elsewhere, offers the choice and provision for approval of the name of the company, as well as information regarding the members of the enterprise and the direction of business. In addition, you will need to select a local banking institution that will further serve the organization. Controlled entities are not considered to be autonomous companies and are not allowed to run a separate business, since they are only representative offices of the “parent” enterprise.

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