Company registration in Latvia


Registration costUSD 1,525.00 
Company renewal costUSD 1,475.000 
Number of directors1
Corporate tax15.00%
Paid authorized capital1,425.00
Reporting requirementsyes


Registration certificate

Decision on company registration in the Commercial Register

Company charter

Application form for company registration in Latvia

Decision on company formation.

Legal address notice

Consent to become a member of the board

Service cost of a nominee director and shareholder – USD 1,000 

Latvia has been playing the role of a bridge between East and West for quite a long time. In recent years, it has become the logistics center of the Baltic region and one of the leaders in the field of information technologies in Eastern Europe. Latvia is not just one of the most popular transit countries; it is also very attractive for business and immigration due to obvious advantages such as a similar mentality, knowledge of the English language, and excellent infrastructure. Latvia is a member of the EU, the Schengen Agreement, and NATO.

The tax system in Latvia has lots of advantages that make it possible to call this jurisdiction a low-tax one:

  • No income tax on capital gains;
  • No tax on dividend income;
  • No tax when dividends are paid to non-resident founders;
  • Abolished royalty tax and tax on interest for non-residents of Latvia.

Trading companies – Ltd. (SIA)


Due to the latest changes in international, and in particular, in European legislation, the company resident status and the VAT number owning are becoming the most important aspects of the work of this type of company. The increasing number of European partners prefer to cooperate with companies with a VAT number.

The relatively simple procedure for registering a VAT number and automatically assigning a tax resident status makes Latvian companies popular for trade within the EU and exporting goods outside the EU borders.


It is possible to get a VAT number without losing tax benefits in Latvia. The country is not listed in any of the blacklists, and considering the possibility of reducing the corporate tax rate up to 15%, this makes Latvian partnerships an attractive tool for foreign trade.


Latvia’s biggest advantage over traditional holding jurisdictions, such as the Netherlands, Austria, and Cyprus, is its universality. There are no additional requirements in Latvia to obtain tax incentives such as mandatory interest, length of shareholding, nature of the business, taxation level in the country of the subsidiary, etc. Therefore Latvian holdings can benefit from tax incentives.

The European Parent and Subsidiary Regulation allows the repatriation tax at a 0% tax rate for companies registered in the European Union. Withholding tax is reduced based on double tax treaties signed with more than 50 countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Azerbaijan.


  • Excellent infrastructure – Latvia is one of the leading countries in terms of Internet speed and quality.
  • High level of education – it’s very easy to find employees who speak Russian and English here.
  • Favorable terms of financing – you can get a loan at a low-interest rate from leading Scandinavian banks.
  • Stability – stable legislation.
  • Low costs – affordable prices for renting a house and an office.
  • Tax savings – 15% (corporate tax), one of the lowest taxes in the EU.
  • The opportunity to obtain a resident visa as a company employee – there is no need for investment; it makes Latvia an attractive country for business and immigration.

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