Company registration in Belarus

The Republic of Belarus is popular for non-resident investors as it boasts its uniquely advantageous position. Transport routes of Belarus connect this colorful republic with the countries of the Western European territories. In addition, Belarus has always been considered one of the most stable and rational jurisdictions, which strictly protect the rights of local investors and foreign investors.

Documents required for registration of a company in Belarus

Non-resident founders must provide:

  • A copy of the passport, certified by a notary office.
  • Power of attorney for opening a company, certified by a notary.

A copy of the passport and the power of attorney can be certified at any notary office. As a rule, it is still required to legalize documents, that is, affix an apostille and the like. It is not necessary to be present personally during the opening of the company.

A legal entity – non-resident founder provides:

  • A copy certified by a notary or the original version of an extract from the Commercial Register, or another document that would serve as confirmation of the fact of registration of the company and its current status. Date of issue: no more than a year ago.

Again, it is not necessary to be present in person during the opening of the enterprise.

A non-resident of Belarus can also be elected as a director of a company. The director is required to provide a scanned copy of his passport, a telephone number for communication, and also, personally present when opening a bank account. Foreign citizens applying for the post of director of a company registered in Belarus must first obtain a permit regarding the possibility of employment in the Republic.

What is needed to open an enterprise in Belarus?

  • Founders. Non-resident legal entities and individuals can act as founders of a Belarusian company. If the number of founders is more than one, in Belarus it is possible to create some kind of company like LLC or CJSC. If the company has only one founder, a private unitary enterprise (unitary firm) or LLC can be created.
  • Choose a legal address for the company. The legal address of the organization must be indicated in the constituent documents. Registration is carried out by representatives of the territorial executive committee.
  • Come up with a name for the future business structure. The jurisdiction of Belarus does not allow mixing the names of firms or their complete coincidence. Each name must be unique. In addition, names containing words like “best”, “first”, “only” and the like are unacceptable.
  • Choose a taxation system based on the form of the enterprise.

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