Buying Ready Business in Poland

Buying Ready Business in Poland

Getting ready-made company in Poland is quite uncomplicated and straightforward procedure. Entrepreneurs who intend to open business in this jurisdiction are offered to get a structure operating in Poland, or to purchase a completely new commercial structure without turnover. What stages in buying new firm should you go through? How long does it usually take to fill in necessary documentation and transfer a firm? We’ll try to answer all these questions below and clarify all connected with buying ready business in Poland.

Obtaining ready-made businesses in Polish jurisdiction

Such an option as doing commercial activities in Poland attracts an increasing number of entrepreneurs not only in the EU, but also outside it. The reason for this may be the stability of the Polish market, the rapid development of the country’s economy, the proximity of European partners and the attractiveness of open access to European environment. In addition, starting business-project in Polish jurisdiction doesn’t require much effort and time. In addition, whole process is quite simple and quick. You may do it in just a day.

The easiest way is to get an LLC that is ready for further operation, however, those that haven’t been in operation before. This means that such firms do not have:

  • staff;
  • history of sales and accounting operations;
  • duties of one kind or another;
  • unresolved issues of a legal nature.

Ready-made companies in Poland are of interest to those businesspersons urgently wanting to open their own operations and who do not have time to pass registration. This process is fast, and if we are talking about registering a commercial structure from scratch, then whole deal can drag on for months. In addition, it will be necessary to cope with a whole stream of documents to be processed. In any case, it is better to turn to specialists who can tell you which firm to purchase and accompany you at all transaction stages.

Buying Ready Business in Poland

Businesses purchasing takes place in several stages, in particular, the following.

  1. Specialists will tell you which firm you need to pay attention to, depending on the desired result and the environment in which you want to develop as an entrepreneur.
  2. Communication with sellers and complex assistance of a specialist.
  3. Closing the deal directly.

In addition, buying firms in Poland requires notarization of certain documentation; in particular, we are talking about purchasing of shares and appointment of a director. A working enterprise must also have banking account intended for corporate purposes.

You can get well-organized project approved as a VAT payer and is legal entity. It’s also significant for a comfortable and quick start. In European space, potential partners trust only those companies that have a European tax number.

So let’s sum it up. Buying stable company in Poland gives businesspersons the next-mentioned advantages:

  • operational structure registered in this jurisdiction;
  • an active bank account opened in local currency;
  • an extract from National Registration Authority and a completed Statute;
  • organization address paid for the annual period;
  • official attributes: seal, etc.

Ready made company for sale in Poland – great variant for a quick and legally “painless” entry into the European market on favorable terms. You don’t have to worry that registering a firm will take a long time and you will lose profits and potential partners. Ready commercial projects are options open to everyone and open up a lot of prospects.

Every week we have new jurisdiction to offer a ready-made turn-key solution!

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